Field Day was a stressful/wonderful “shake down” experience!

Fan Dipole up for test

Russell’s antenna adapter platform, Neal’s fan dipole, David’s G5RV,  Dan’s extension poles and Robert’s guy cables worked as advertised,  Steve’s Kenwood and the club’s iCom performed well and our shelter was “cozy.”  Some mysterious QRM had us chasing ghosts with 3 different antennas but we finally got operational around 7:30 p.m.   Raymond W5RAW, Melinda KG5NWD and an “unexpected” guest all made contacts in the van during the contest on 20, 40, and 80 meters.

The event crew identified one more crucial area to address:  the external connector on the mast coax!  Fortunately that’s an easy fix.  Another not-so-easy issue was confirmed:  the mast eventually needs a seal overhaul.  If anyone knows of a bucket-truck owner, we’d like to have a visit sometime in the near future!

Photo Courtesy AB7II
W5RAW in the captain’s chair

THANK YOU to everyone who has donated time, effort, parts, materials, funds, technical advice, or moral support to our recent club project to date:

Russell KG5KIC, James AB7II, Ben W2CYV, David KB5IAS, Kim K5OPI, Robert WR9B, Shawn Bruse, Maury W5UGQ, Betty W5UGR, John K5FS, Steve KA4TMB, Dan WA8YYE, Ed K5KBV,  R.C. K5ORC, Brad N5LUL, Gene WA5ETK, John K5IT, Robert KF5UKB, Daniel KG5KIF, Kurt KG5NWC, Mark KG5NWE, Melinda KG5NWD, Neal W5PVI, Jim K5BZH and KVII-TV