Net Control

A sample for preamble, etc. is shared below, garnered from listening to our dedicated controllers of local nets in the last year or two.  Of course, this is not a definitive version:  because our morning net is very informal, the net controller is not held to any strict rule, except that of station identification and allowing emergency traffic if necessary.   Use this form or craft your own–there are many, many examples out there on the internet!  Ed K5KBV is the primary net control for this net and recommends (but does not require) NetLogger.

Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 3.49.40 PM

Please volunteer to be a net controller for our Morning 2 Meter net!  We have had a lot of interest and participation in the past month — the net is a great way to gain experience in operating protocols and to get to know our area “hams.”

As with all information on the website, any and all corrections/suggestions are cheerfully accepted at our website email address.  🙂