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Local Nets Info

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Panhandle ARC Nets

W5WX “Morning Two Meter”

Take a morning break, grab your favorite morning beverage and check-in to W5WX “Morning Two Meter” on 146.940 weekdays — 10:00 am until 11:00 am.  NetLogger is used for logging and “Almost Instant Messaging.”  Join the fun and volunteer for a morning Net Control spot – call Ed K5KBV at (806) 683-5603.

Panhandle Amateur Information Net — “PAIN”

Please join the group every Sunday evening at 8pm.  All area radio amateurs are invited to check-in to the net, either “for the count” or for a report of how your week went!  It is the place to exchange social, technical equipment available for sale or trade and any other information or comments on your mind.  We meet on the 146.940 W5WX repeater.

Net Control

Volunteers needed for net control for our fun, informal Morning 2 Meter net!  Contact Ed K5KBV at (806) 683-5603 to get set up.  We have had a lot of interest and participation  — the net is a great way to share and gain experience in operating protocols and to get to know our area “hams.”

Current Net Control Schedule:

Mon — Kim K5OPI              

Tues — Ed K5KBV             

Wed — Melinda KG5NWD             

Thur — David KG5JLD             

Fri — Robert WR9B

Use this PARC Morning 2 Meter Net Sample Preamble or adapt to your own “style”–there are many, many examples out there on the internet!  Ed K5KBV is the primary net control for this net and recommends (but does not require) NetLogger.

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Golden Spread Amateur Information Net

Golden Spread Amateur Information Net Script 1-3-18

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 Ed’s Close Call…

The unseen perils of net control!