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North repeater site

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Packet Nodes

Updated 9.1.2017

Map Courtesy Gene WA5ETK

“Upcoming Repeater Committee Report – May 5, 2018”

Recent maintenance and testing:


“North Repeater Site Maintenance”

This past weekend (10/14/17) Dan WA8YYE, John K5IT, Arthur K5PM, Don KC5EZO, James AB7II and Brad N5LUL “spruced up” the north repeater site just in time for winter!  Everyone in the club appreciates the hard work it takes to maintain this remote site — our club is very fortunate to have access to this site for our 146.94 repeater and blessed with willing members with 4WD vehicles and the equipment necessary to knock down weeds and cut grass.   Thanks very much, gentlemen!


“West Repeater Mower Mania!”

“Here are a few photos from our visit to the W5WX west repeater site this afternoon (Thursday, 8/17). Don (KC5EZO) kindly donated his Walker mower and his time to cut chest high weeds while Robert (WR9B) and I (Dan, WA8YYE) helped as needed and otherwise “supervised”. In reality, Don did most of the actual work. The site looks much better and there’s now plenty of open space for parking and a clear path to the building. Thanks Don…great job!”       ~Dan WA8YYE



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