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** New Listings **

Looking for:

Microphone for a Kenwood TS 520S, high impedance (50K)

Call David KI5FAK at 806-282-6829

Looking for:

1 or 2 filter chokes that are around 35 HY 15 MA

Heathkit GR81 regen receiver

3:1 Interstage audio Transformer

Call or email Jim K5BZH at 806-433-8218 /  

Email us with a description, picture(s), and price of the amateur radio related item(s) you would like posted. Your listing will be maintained for 60 days, at which time it will be removed.  Please notify us if your listed item(s) sell(s) before the 60 day expiration so that we can keep this page updated.  Items can be relisted as necessary.


You may also post items as a visitor on the Panhandle Amateur Radio Club’s Facebook page.


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