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Miles Sowell writes: “I was in the radio repair business for years and am retired now. I want to give this equipment away to good home.” Miles is in Lubbock.

Contact Miles at

Free to a good home:

The ARRL Handbook 1996
Now You’re Talking  1991
Radio Frequency Interference: How to find and fix it
The ARRL Operating Manual

Brad Miskimen- N5LUL

Contact Brad at:

Dale KI5AGN is looking for equipment:

He writes “what’s the most used for tech class license to use? I was wanting to put a 10 meter , vhf/uhf and maybe a CB to be both base and mobile
at this time. I’m just getting started and want to sort of test things out before going full out on radio’s. I’m interested too in working morse code as well. I work so my weekends are the only time I can pursue this in full. Thank you too for your help and can’t wait to hear what everyone has. 73,
Dale KI5AGN”

You can reach Dale at 

Email us with a description, picture(s), and price of the amateur radio related item(s) you would like posted. Your listing will be maintained for 60 days, at which time it will be removed. Please notify us if your listed item(s) sell(s) before the 60 day expiration so that we can keep this page updated. Items can be relisted as necessary.

You may also post items as a visitor on the Panhandle Amateur Radio Club’s Facebook page.


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