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5″ Floppy Disc Drives — Bob K5ZKQ — (806) 674-6804 — 6/4/2018

“16 self-contained power supplies:  good for parts / components / projects:  12V -5” 

Looking for: Raspberry Pi’s — Ed K5KBV — (806) 683-5603

“Will make an offer for any Raspberry Pi’s you would part with — for my next project.”

Power Supply — Transmitter — Ed K5KBV — (806) 683-5603

“2.5kv — almost 2.75 kv — power supply with home-brew alterations.  Documentation in attached manuals.  Transmitter built for Forest Service circa early 70’s.  Includes a pair of 4-400’s with tube sockets.  Most of the original components are included:  RF choke, filament transformer, filament choke.  No band switch or output coils except 20m tank roller inductor.  All of this comes in a cabinet, 19” rack with rollers included.  In addition, many little parts were salvaged such as bypass capacitors and transmitting caps.  Asking $300 for the whole bunch.



Andrews Heliax — Ed K5KBV — (806) 683-5603

“We picked through all that was left at Amarillo Metals and found these good lengths — my fence is about 4 ft. which will give you an idea of the length of each of the rolls.  I’ll be checking them out with a TDR to make sure there are no problems.  Give me a call if you are interested in some of this hard line.”


“This is used Andrews 1/2” feedline, priced at $0.43 per foot.  Fittings for this hardline range from $9.95 – $23.95 on Ebay.


Update 8-23-2017

“Each roll has been rung out with a TDR and are in great shape for HF use.  The 91ft cable shows a very small anomaly at 29ft from the end which we injected the test.  Inspection showed the coax was elongated when it was taken from the tower:  return loss is minimal.  See TDR plot screen below:”


~Ed K5KBV     August 23, 2017

PushUp Pole PARTS — Ed K5KBV — (806) 683-5603

Ed says “thanks to all who bought a pole.  I still have bits and pieces if anyone needs short lengths or repair parts.”

A big THANK YOU to Ed (and RC), from all of us who were able to snag one or more of these great poles for our own QTH — you’ve helped us get a good start on (or add to) our own antenna farms, and we appreciate you!!



~Ed K5KBV     August 7, 2017     

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