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I’m looking for separation kits for the FT-7100 (or FT-7800 / FT-7900 as I believe they are the same) as well as the separation kit for Yaesu FTM-100D. The YSK-71000 separation kit was a manufacturer add-on for the FT-7100 but the extension cable and remote mounting bracket for the FTM-100D were included with all new radios (I bought mine used without the remote head and mic extension cables.)

If anyone has any of these laying around I’d be interested in knowing how much you’d like for them. Thanks in advance and 73!Best Regards, 

John White Mobile: 806.553.0365

Check the PARC Facebook page – folks post items there also 👍🏼

Hams in the 806 is another popular spot for amateur radio related topics and sale/trade items


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