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Silent Auction at February Meeting

Craig Eaton has given me another bunch of material for us to auction off at a meeting.  Below is a partial list of things included:

Regency business band radios – two – believed to be crystal controlled

Relm business band radio believed to be programmable by someone with the proper software

        All are currently on 151.665 MHz

        All have been powered up and put out approximately 30 to 40 watts

        All have mounting brackets

One set of headphones with individually adjustable volume controls on each earphone.

One antique set of three phonograph records for learning Morse code

        NOTE:  I have never seen anything like this before.  The records appear to be in pristine condition and would be make a great addition to someone’s collection of antique radio material

There is also some other antenna mounts, old manuals, magazines and other assorted material.  

I will be there early on the morning of the meeting and get this stuff set up.  It all needs to sell as I will not be at the March meeting.

Thanks and 73,



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