Swapfest 2018

Bring on the rain!! Swapfest 2018 went off sunny and dry!!  Now let’s have the rain we all need so badly!! Don’t know where to begin in thanking everyone involved in making Saturday’s event such a smashing success.  First on the list has to be Damen Ratliff.  Could not have even opened the gate without […]

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Musings from “Fort Geezer”

“Reggie” Jim Musgrove – K5BZH Several years ago Carol and I were attending a ham-fest in Oklahoma City.  On the morning of the main day we were having breakfast in Denny’s.  I noted a cowboy sitting at the table catty-corner from us.  What had captured my attention was his hat — it was a definite […]

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President’s Page

GREETINGS FELLOW AMATEUR OPERATORS Another month is in the books Great turnout this month!!  Thanks to all who were there to support our Club, both members and visitors who will hopefully become members. Have received several comments requesting the PA speaker be moved to the front of the room.  Consider it done.  Apologize for the […]

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