Congrats, you got your Tech License!

ARRL is the “grandaddy” of all things Amateur Radio…try out a guest membership, which will give you access to the new “ON THE AIR” magazine – a publication for beginners or new licensees, or anyone who enjoys a good radio-related read.

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New Ham resources — not only is there a new magazine, ARRL also offers an ON THE AIR podcast, blog and Facebook page. Explore the ARRL website for educational info, FCC updates, events and contests and MORE!

A great place to get started on your amateur radio journey…

In our local area:

PARC W5WX – club Facebook page

Hams in the 806 – local Facebook page

Potter County Radio Reference – frequencies

Randal County Radio Reference – frequencies

Skywarn – local frequencies

Antennas – one of many sources for easy antenna builds

Ham Radio Reviews – this will get you started!

QRZ – call sign lookups

WebSDR – explore HF

Special Events – Parks on the Air – one of many operating events

Contesting – what is it?

Morse Code – one of many links about learning CW

Internet links for amateur radio are endless – have fun with your new skill and hobby and enjoy your journey!

And don’t forget your local ham network –

Panhandle Amateur Radio Club is a great place to hook up with an Elmer (Ham Radio term for “mentor”) or get tips on equipment, operating, local events, and electronics education and help. Come ask questions, get involved, and have fun!