Congrats, you got your Tech License!

ARRL is the “grandaddy” of all things Amateur Radio…try out a guest membership, which will give you access to the new “ON THE AIR” magazine – a publication for beginners or new licensees, or anyone who enjoys a good radio-related read.

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New Ham resources — not only is there a new magazine, ARRL also offers an ON THE AIR podcast, blog and Facebook page. Explore the ARRL website for educational info, FCC updates, events and contests and MORE!

A great place to get started on your amateur radio journey…

In our local area:

PARC W5WX – club Facebook page

Hams in the 806 – local Facebook page

Potter County Radio Reference – frequencies

Randal County Radio Reference – frequencies

Skywarn – local frequencies

Antennas – one of many sources for easy antenna builds

Ham Radio Reviews – this will get you started!

QRZ – call sign lookups

WebSDR – explore HF

Special Events – Parks on the Air – one of many operating events

Contesting – what is it?

Morse Code – one of many links about learning CW

Internet links for amateur radio are endless – have fun with your new skill and hobby and enjoy your journey!

And don’t forget your local ham network –

Panhandle Amateur Radio Club is a great place to hook up with an Elmer or get tips on equipment, operating, local events, and electronics education and help. Come ask questions, get involved, and have fun!