Panhandle Amateur Radio Club

Promoting Amateur Radio in the High Plains of Texas

WiresX Net Info

America Link

America-Link  Yaesu WiresX Room #21080 Saturdays  08:00 PM to 9:00 PM Central 

Texas Nexus

A special invite from Koy K5KOY in Richardson, TX to check in to Yaesu WiresX Room #21636  Texas Nexus

Spout Springs Repeater Association in NE Oregon and SW Washington

Please check in to Yaesu WiresX Room #21979 any M-F.  Our net begins at 7 PM Pacific/9 PM Central.  It is a simple rag chew/social net that typically lasts about 1 hour.  Visit their website at or their EchoLink repeater — WF7S.

If you are linking a local WiresX repeater from your Yaesu WiresX capable radio, connect your radio to WiresX, then “search and direct” “ssra-room,” then select “ssra-room.” Just a reminder: connecting and disconnecting is only possible when repeater is not busy.

Stephen Hutchings, WM7X

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