Recent Club Programs

Robert WR9B demonstrated “Fast Transients” and their effect on RF at the January 2018 club meeting.  Using a pulse generator, spectrum analyzer, and dual time-based scope, his experiment showed that rise and fall times, even as short as nanoseconds, can interfere with RF.  Many devices being sold today do not conform to FCC standards, and if you are experiencing QRM you will want to remember that even everyday household appliances such as light dimmers, small switching power supplies, or fluorescent lights will produce interference through high speed transients.

Jamie AB7II gave a really interesting presentation on “Getting Started with Arduino” at the July meeting for all of us “newbies” who might not have played with one or didn’t even know what an Arduino is!  John K5IT brought one to a meeting a year ago to demonstrate the Iambino shield, which is great for code practice with an iambic keyer, but I hadn’t gotten very far with the Arduino.  Aside from ordering one (with the shield) and admiring it after the unboxing, my Arduino went right back in the box.  The time has not yet come to get the Iambino all soldered up; however, James gave me a reason to get out the Arduino and explore what it can do without a shield.  First things first!

Arduino:  “Blink!”

Looking forward to James’ completion of his projects, and starting one of my own!  Check out the official Arduino site for every kind of reference and resources you would need to get started.

Robert WR9B brought some very fascinating (and powerful) laser lights for “show and tell.”  His descriptions and explanations ventured into the realms of electron excitement, visible light spectrum and crystal harmonics.  Blue Lasers. Wow.  Although I’d love to buy a set of these (he brought blue, green, and red) the immediate area and any retinas in said immediate area are probably safer if I don’t!

Thanks to both of these members for sharing their knowledge of these topics!