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Radio Aside …

… an album for members’ hobbies, activities, projects or fun!

Send your pics (with or without captions) to:

“Analog/Digital Shootout”

~ Robert WR9B

“Dietrich’s Latest Project”

~ Robert WR9B

“aannnnddd …. Action!”

~ Robert  WR9B

“Crop Circles…”

Aliens? Neighbors? 😉

~Brad N5LUL

“Thelma and Louise Live at Vega Stock Show”

Proud Grand-dad shares snaps of Emily, Sydney and sweet goats Thelma and Louise at this past weekend’s Vega FFA Stock Show.

~ Robert WR9B

“Suki and Aki on the Prowl”

Vintage R390 radio receiving “CAT Scan” 😉

~ Dave WA5X

“Ed’s Christmas Truck”

~ Ed K5KBV

“Dietrich the Radio (Audiophile?) Cat”

Dietrich inspecting the final result of tone arm restoration …
New felt on the Gates 16″ turntable with Gray Research 108 tonearm …
Dietrich inspecting WR9B’s Fast Transient demonstration

~ Robert WR9B

“It’s a Jeep thing …”

“Thought I’d send a few pictures of my ‘other hobby’ … These were taken this past May during the 29th Annual Palo Duro Jeep Jamboree as we tackled the popular ‘Coyote Crawl’ trail.  What a blast!”

~ Dan WA8YYE

“Ed’s August 2017 Pole Project”

Thanks for helping all the hams in the area who picked up one (or more)!

 “People’s Choice”

Congrats, Sidney and family, on winning the “People’s Choice” Award at the 2017 Street VW “Slugbug” Car Show this weekend!

“Polk Street Cruise”

Sydney and her red, white and beautiful “Bug” having fun at the 14th Annual Polk Street Nostalgic Cruise Night – WR9B

“Shining up for another show!”

Sydney’s prizewinning bug – WR9B

~ Robert WR9B

“Science Day Extras”

Robots for Lamar Science Day – built from kits
Robots for Lamar Science Day – built from kits

~ Melinda KG5NWD


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