Van’s First Field Day

Field Day was a stressful/wonderful “shake down” experience! Russell’s antenna adapter platform, Neal’s fan dipole, David’s G5RV,  Dan’s extension poles and Robert’s guy cables worked as advertised,  Steve’s Kenwood and the club’s iCom performed well and our shelter was “cozy.”  Some mysterious QRM had us chasing ghosts with 3 different antennas but we finally got operational […]

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Field Day Recap

Coffee, a sturdy shelter, comfy lawn chairs, and lots of pizza, burgers and water are paramount.  Operating is fun.  W5WX is a phonetic tongue-twister.  You never know who will show up at a GOTA station.  Having a camper with a bed and heater is a plus.  Drones are cool.  Mysterious interference is frustrating.  Next time […]

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