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Hamfest 2019 Recap

Thanks to everyone who made this year’s HamFest great!!


This year’s event was another great success and loads of fun.

It seemed touch and go in the weather department; however, prayers, crossed fingers, and the power of positive thinking resulted in a cool, calm day.

There are so many folks to recognize for their contributions I hardly know where to begin.  Well let’s begin at the beginning

  • John K5IT for arranging the major prizes and the Kountry Boyz Food Truck as well as designing the flyers
  • Mark KG5NWE and Melinda KG5NWD for great work with the van and information on the website as well as assisting several folks with programming their radios, and as always much help in setting up and running the event.
  • Danelle KC7RDH for manning the registration station all day!
  • Billie KI5DBM for the yummy cookies and cupcakes as well as helping out at registration.
  • Scott KG5ZES for his generous donation of items for our Auction
  • Dan WA8YYE for his Auction donation of items and time he spent to make sure all Auction items were ready for prime time
  • Big thanks to the canopy set up and tear down crew, and to Ken WB5QLI for storing it.
  • Robert WR9B for organizing and overseeing the Q&A session with Mike KE5CJ, Maury W5UGQ, Dave WA5X, fielding questions.
  • Dale Durham W5WI, ARRL West Texas Section Manager for bringing the news from ARRL
  • Arthur K5PM for making the trip to run the testing session…sorry for the dry run Arthur.
  • Would like to thank John KB5VVJ for the generous donation in honor of Brad N5LUL and Ken WB5QLI who assisted John with his antenna.  Thanks to these two Hams.  They truly represent what our hobby is all about!
  • Most of all..Thanks to all attendees!!! Can’t thank all of them enough for being there and making it great!
  • If I have omitted anyone, please forgive me, my memory is subject to frequent senior in point, I have no pictures to post as I failed to take any or request anyone else to do so. If anyone has photos they would like to share, please forward them to us and we will get them posted.

Following is a list of major prize winners:

  • Yaesu FTM7250 won by Michael Powers KG5SNX
  • Yaesu FT70DR won by Ron MashburnWA5UUS
  • Baofeng RD-5R with Zumspot DMR Package won by Ken Brantley KG5NKD
  • Pre-registration prize of a $50.00 ANB Cash Card won by Carl Jean N5YXN
  • 3- DVM prizes won by Mark/Melinda Koster KG5NWE/KG5NWD, Jamie Heidingsfelder AB7II, Charlie Brown N5TYI

Other prizes included gift certificates from ARRL and RT Adapter Guy, Power Poles, three Yaesu mugs, and numerous Yaesu caps.  Three of the Yaesu caps were won by folks with ticket numbers which were not recorded on the spreadsheet.  If you had one of these numbers, you won a cap 096727, 096762, 096592.

I will leave the accounting recap to John K5IT as he has the list of expenses; however, from the recap of income that I have, it looks like PARC will definitely add to its coffers.

I hope everyone had as much fun as I did.  Once again, many thanks to everyone involved, both volunteers and participants.  Looking forward to next year!!!

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