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PARC Van History

~ Information is updated in reverse chronological order ~

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Van Projects Ongoing

Donations gratefully accepted 🙂

  1. Donated monitor (with keyboard and mouse) — Dave WA5X and Kim WK5X
  2. Donated computer for packet — Mike KE5CJ
  3. Donated TNC and computer setup for packet station — Jamie AB7II
  4. Operating position slide out work area shelf — scavenged from old racks
  5. Installation of tri-band antenna for possible 6M contacts
  6. Mosquito/bug netting for night-time operation (panels from existing shelter)
  7. Sound-deadening curtain in-between front/back operating positions (heavy quilt)
  8. Vacuum system trouble-shooting/repair
  9. Cleaning/Lubricating mast
  10. Wash exterior/dust sweep interior/carpet touch-up
  11. Generator maintenance
  12. Mast pressure check-valve automatic system
  13. Educational materials restock


Vacuum system troubleshooting – June 1, 2018

and the replaced vacuum hose assembly, June 2, 2018:


Codes are now clear.   Van has improved in performance.  More to follow.

~ Mark KG5NWE

It’s the little things …

Charlie W5CEH ups the game with a donation of 2 Motorola External speakers which help immensely with the Kenwood 430S audio!  Thanks to David WA5X (KB5IAS), Jamie AB7II, Ben W2CYV, Dan WA8YYE and Kim WK5X (K5OPI) for coming out to  make this happen! ~Mark KG5NWE

Mark KG5NWE and Melinda KG5NWD installed the new “up” light sealed beam and lens, and Ben W2CYV, Ed K5KBV and Mark KG5NWE replaced and properly grounded the “new” back-up beeper donated by David WA5X and Kim WK5X.

The van gets a repeater!  

Charlie W5CEH, Robert WR9B, John KF5ZLI, Mark KG5NWE, Ed K5KBV, Ben W2CYV and Brad N5LUL were either on site installing the Motorola Radius GR1225 Repeater donated by Matt KE5WXN onto a vented shelf donated by Amarillo Wireless and Anastasia KD5ROK, or checking in from various around-town (and beyond) locations to help test the repeater’s capabilities.  Paired with the van’s new Diamond X50 dual band antenna installed on Russell KG5KIC’s antenna mast mount adapter, the repeater’s performance is outstanding, even on generator power and with mast up or down at the current QTH.

~ Refer to Local Repeaters chart for programming information ~

The August 2017 workday consisted of more “A/V OUT, RADIO IN” in preparation for a new addition to the van — and lots of cool “show and tell” as well!

April 2017 — June 2017 cleaning and prep for radio operation (UHF/VHF) and its first event, Skywarn Expo, and subsequent Science Fair, Field Day, and Boy Scout Badge events.  Fun statistics:  wire/coax removed – 100 feet (bet me!),  mouse nests – 7,  mocha lattes – 4 (well, maybe one was a caramel latte),  bottles of Folex – 5,  big bottles of Goo-Gone – 2, rolls of paper towels – 9+, chigger bites – ask K5OPI!  🙂


Our “new” van was generously donated to the club by KVII-TV here in Amarillo!  PARC President Robert Bruse (WR9B) noticed it literally “put out to pasture” at the north repeater site.  He persuaded, through persistence and perseverance, the wonderful folks at the local station to allow the club to repurpose the retired ENG van.   Laura Wolfe  (General Manager), Brandon Carpenter (Assignments Editor), Kylie Collins (Business Manager) and Jake Rue (Chief Engineer) were especially helpful with the acquisition.  With donations of equipment and service (radios/antennas/work) by enthusiastic club members, the restoration project began —

The following pictures are post-KVII-wrap removal by Robert WR9B and son Shawn Bruse (October 2016) but before actual deep cleaning began in February 2017.

Tasks have included antenna adapter bracket fabrication, antenna replacement, unwanted A/V broadcast equipment removal, wire removal/re-routing, phantom battery drain troubleshooting, inverter repair, mast cleaning and maintenance, air compressor gauge maintenance, generator fuel line maintenance, donated power supplies and radios installation, roof air cowl replacement, roof air cleaning, work light procurement and installation, hood latch maintenance, fuel vacuum system repair, dirt dobber nest removal, reverse beeper replacement, and repeater addition. Future tasks include: generator muffler/tailpipe repair or replacement, additional rack shelves installation, power monitor gauges addition, Anderson power-poles updates, outside access panel “remodeling” to include exterior antenna coax connectors and power availability, Dash A/C vacuum troubleshooting, etc.  If you have an idea for improvement or any time to donate to these future tasks be sure to share with the van committee!

A big “thanks” to all our Panhandle Amateur Radio Club members for supporting this mobile operations platform project. Work continues as more repair/replace items, equipment donations, and events are added to the calendar — for work session info contact Mark KG5NWE or come out after the monthly meetings.


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