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1900 Line Avenue, Amarillo Tx, 7:00 p.m.


Weekly net is suspended pending reactivation of the Amarillo Intertie Link 444.200. The Intertie repeater was removed from its decommissioned tower at the request of the City of Amarillo and has yet to find a new “home.”

Contact Carl N5YXN or Michael Powers KG5SNX if you would like to volunteer to be an alternate net control.


ARRL Amateur Radio Emergency Service

New ARRL ARES ONLINE self-paced training announced — register asap for a spot: Emergency Communications Training Course

ARRL Online EmComm courses

Join the Amarillo Area Community Emergency Response Team

CERT_Newsletter_Spring 2019

Check out the following ARES Operations Manual excerpts provided by Dave WA5X and Kim WK5X: 



ARES General Procedures2

*****Past Net Training*****

August 16, 2018

No new training, one update from Michael KG5SNX:  CommL Training postponed until 2019

Checkins:  N5YXN (net control), KG5SNX, W5CEH, KG5NWD, WB2UZT, KD5VIU, W5BIN, KA5ATZ

August 9, 2018

From Michael KG5SNX — QST regarding upcoming conferences/training:

CommL Training POSTPONED UNTIL 2019

From Carl N5YXN — QST regarding ARES Proposal and ARES E-Mail Subscription:

ARRL ARES Strategic Plan Proposal

ARRL ARES E-Letter Sign-Up


July 26, 2018

From Michael KG5SNX — QSTs regarding upcoming conferences:

Panhandle Preparedness Regional ConferenceThursday, September 27th @ 0900-1700  Guest Speaker is William Forstchen  — Conference Theme is Emergency Power Outages

Regional Emergency OEM Preparedness Conference Saturday September 29th @ 1000 – 1500.


June 7, 2018 – ICS213 Form – Mike KE5CJ

Net Control was Charlie W5CEH with guest presenter Mike KE5CJ

Check ins included W5CEH (Net Control), KE5CJ (Guest Presenter), KG5JLD, K5OPI, AB7II, KC7RDH, KE5GRQ, KG5ZYN, K1MMA (mobile), and KG5SNX for a total of 10.

KE5CJ gave a brief overview of the ICS213 Form which is used by governmental agencies for emergency communications.  This form differs from the ARRL Radiogram form in several areas including no message number assigned and no word count used.  It was suggested that both items be created as a side note for logging purposes.  It was stressed that messages should be short, concise, and sent exactly as received.  The agency with which we are working will decide exactly what information to be included and the time base used.  Emphasis was placed on the importance of detailed and accurate logging of all messages, replies, and times!


Electrical Safety – Carl N5YXN

Examples from Harris County ARES Manual and discussion from group:  N5YXN (Net Control), KG5SNX, W5CEH, KG5JLD, KE5CJ, KG5ZYN, KG5NWD, KY5C.

Discussion Topics:  antennas and power lines, wind and guy lines, battery connections, component housings, grounding, fuses, RF burns, wind and shelters, generator grounding/safety, hydraulic pole check valves, electrical work safety tips,  awareness of non-amateur persons during emergency operations (cables, electrical, trip hazards, etc.).


Emergency Response Orientation – Mike KE5CJ

Mike’s Training Suggestions:

   FEMA 100.b     FEMA 200.b     FEMA 700     FEMA 800

 Preparing Texas       Winlink Express



If you are interested in assisting with Amateur Radio training or Emergency Operations, please join us!

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