Panhandle Amateur Radio Club

Promoting Amateur Radio in the High Plains of Texas

Members’ Projects

WB5QLI Tower

Future Club Presentation “Device”

~ Robert WR9B

“TDOA Circuits”

“All circuits are good.  Pin diodes trigger correctly.  Next are antenna elements.”

“Off-axis and On-axis results”

“Worked into the 50 ohm load of analyzer – apparatus is complete and results are outstanding.”

~ Robert WR9B


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“Station Remodel”

~ Ed K5KBV

“Zulu Clock – a Work in Progress”


~ Dave WA5X

“Tech VHF Antenna”

David KG5JLD and the VHF sleeve dipole antenna he and Mike KE5CJ give to new tech licensees.

David has used this antenna for packet for the last three years … very easy to build and solid performance, even in high wind conditions.

KV5R’s plans here.                  “2M Sleeve Dipole” search here.

“Packet Soundcard Interface”

For internal soundcard or external USB soundcard

 ~ Jamie AB7II


Packet Station in action using AB7II’s sound card interface / Baofeng UV82HP.

~ Melinda KG5NWD

“Arduino Atomic Clock”


 ~ Dave WA5X


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