Member Spotlight

Elizabeth A. (Betty) Sproul — W5UGR

Betty W5UGR

Years as Amateur Operator:  “59 — not continuous.  First license — Novice — in 1959 (K0VIS) expired.  Second license — Technician — in 1965 (also K0VIS) with 5wpm code, upgraded to General several years later.  When we moved to Texas in 1974, got the call W5UGR.”

Areas of Interest:  “I have never been a regular user of amateur radio.  I have always contributed other things, like picnics and Field Day lunches and parties.”

Brief History of Ham Radio Activities:  “We went to our first Field Day in 1960, with twin boys age 1 1/2, camped out in a tent!  Between 1990 and 1995 I drove many miles alone, 400 and sometimes 500 miles…I had a handy-talkie radio with me all the time.  I had a little book with call signs and frequencies of the towns I went through in case of trouble on the road.  I did not have trouble, but I could have called the radio frequency if I needed help.  NO cell phones or ON-Star.”  

Other Hobbies or Interests:  “Crochet, entertaining, gardening…Amarillo used to have Quarter Century Radio Club:  that has fallen apart mostly because some died, some just got older or ill, that group just stopped.  We were a good part of that.  We entertained that group in our home several times.”

Brief Bio:  “I support the things that Maurice (W5UGQ) does with amateur radio.”     ~ Betty and Maury have been very supportive of the club and its activities and projects:  they organized the Christmas Potlucks in December ’16 and ’17 and came out to Adrian for Rt. 66  OTA for support and encouragement of all of us “newbies” – some operating for the first time on HF! ~

Your Thoughts on Club Membership Benefits and Club Direction:  “I think Panhandle Amateur Radio Club is moving right along, very well.  Many members contribute something.”