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Hello, Panhandle Amateur Radio Club!

Many of you have known each other and been friends a long time.  There are, however, new members joining us who may be unfamiliar with more seasoned members, as the seasoned members are in turn unfamiliar with newer members.  In an attempt to promote fellowship and friendship among our community members please take a few minutes of your time to respond to the following questionnaire at your own comfort level.  You may fill in the form below, email your response to Kim Opitz at or bring the questionnaire to a club meeting.  A member profile will be featured on the website each week.

Thank you for your participation.  Look forward to seeing your profile on the website!!

Kim Opitz K5OPI


Member Spotlight Info

Send your “mugshot” and pics of your shack or any other activities (optional-just copy and paste) to Panhandle Amateur Radio Club

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