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Lamar Science Day Recap

Great Job, Everyone!

The Science Day team wants to express their appreciation to all club members for approving our participation in this fun and educational event.  The PARC contributions to Lamar Elementary School’s Science Day were again a great success!  Everyone’s “stations” were educational and “fun for the students,”  according to Becky Deleon, Lamar’s Science Day Coordinator.   She shared that “the students at Lamar Elementary really enjoy the informative and educational presentations from the Ham Radio Club.  Members of the club are very friendly and the kids look forward to their turn to explore the van and to try their hand with the Morse Code coders.  The prism demonstration had us mesmerized!”   


Lamar Elementary School – May 17, 2018

Physics Lab:

Demonstrations included energy transfer, frequency generation, scopes, light refraction, and more…Robert WR9B and Dave WA5X.

Radio Ops:

Demonstrations included Morse Code “Retro Texting” — John K5FS, Radio Frequency with SDR and FRS radios — Melinda KG5NWD, RF tracking “foxhunt” — Kim K5OPI and Danelle KC7RDH, PARC Van Radio Contacts — Mark KG5NWE, with remote stations Jamie AB7II and David KG5JLD.  Thanks also to Brad N5LUL for the use of his “fox.”


We presented to Pre-K, K, and 1st through 5th grades with stations sharing the 20-25 minute activity “period:”  five “classes” before lunch and five “classes” after lunch, demonstrating to approximately 210 students throughout the day.

We had a lot of fun with RADIO SCIENCE!!!  🙂

 Melinda KG5NWD, Lamar Elementary Science Day Liaison

*Due to AISD guidelines concerning photography of students, no pictures were taken at the event.

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