Current Club QSTs

No “regular” meeting in December – see Christmas Potluck Lunch for info.

Repeater Invitation To Bid

Bidding has been reopened by general consensus at the November meeting for the repeaters that were offered in September.  These are now listed as two separate items.

example photo, not exact units
  1.   VHF Motorola MSF-5000 (without duplexer)
  2.   UHF Motorola MSF-5000 (with internal duplexer)

You are invited to bid on one or both, but as separate bid items:  these repeaters are not offered as a pair.

Submission of sealed bids (document enclosed in a glued envelope and submitted in person by you or your agent) will be at/during the December Meeting/Potluck Lunch.

John K5IT suggested that bid amounts should include cents (i.e.  $xxx.58, $xx.01) to avoid ties and an additional round of bidding.

Sealed bids will be opened by committee in front of interested parties during the December Meeting/Potluck Lunch and a winner announced at that time.

Your 2018 PARC Officers Elect

President — Kim Opitz K5OPI

Vice President — Robert Bruse WR9B

Secretary — Melinda Koster KG5NWD

Treasurer — John Laur K5IT