Current Club QSTs

Carl Jeans, N5YXN, invites all interested amateur radio operators to meetings at 1900 Line Avenue in Amarillo, Texas every second Tuesday for emergency response training and emergency operations … see “PARC ERS” for more info.  Also, check into the PARC ERS net every Thursday evening at 7:30 local on 444.200.

Member Spotlight form now available … this month … Arthur K5PM

Please consider sharing your story with your fellow club members!

PARC Swap Fest/Picnic scheduled for May 12, 2018 … 1900 Line Avenue, Amarillo, TX … see updated information.

Next PARC Van Repeater Test — May 5, 4:00pm — 4:30 pm — 444.550 +5.0 MHz — 88.5 Tone — Thanks to all who checked in during the April test:  K5OPI, KD5DYP, WA5X, WR9B, N5LUL, and AB7II who was on site assisting KG5NWE and KG5NWD. Unfortunately we were not able to relocate the van during this test; however, in May we will possibly have the van at a different QTH…stay tuned for details.