Panhandle Amateur Radio Club

Promoting Amateur Radio in the High Plains of Texas

Club QST

Lunch Bunch is back at the park! Check out the schedule on the Breakfast/Lunch Bunch page!

Check out our FB page for live meetings, announcements, and upcoming events: Panhandle Ham Radio

Congratulations, Betty and Maury, on your 65th Anniversary this past May!

Adair KD5DYP in the bucket truck

Net Controls Needed!

The PARC Morning 2M Net is looking for additional net controls to fill two slots during the week! The net is an informal “round-robin” hour of ham-related topics both technical and social and is fun to run. If you can volunteer an hour of your time from 10:00 am until 11:00 am please contact Scott KG5ZES at (806) 683-8910 and he’ll get you scheduled and “show you the ropes.”

Our Sympathies to our Radio Family:

Condolences to the families and friends of Mike Lynch

Mike Lynch – W5ZO – SK

Mike Lynch Obituary


~ We hope for a full and quick recovery for all members and family who might be struggling with health issues ~

Volunteer Needed:

If you are interested in serving the club as Historian or “The Oscillator” Newsletter Editor, please contact Mark Koster, KG5NWE, Club President.


Member Spotlight form now available … this month … YOU!

 Introduce yourself to your fellow club members!

Van Info:

Next PARC Van Repeater Test  monthly, 4:00 pm the afternoon of the club meeting — talk-in frequency 444.5500, +5 offset, 88.5 tone

Next Van Workday — TBA — contact David KC5VGW if you’d be willing to help out with ongoing projects or general maintenance.

Next Van Event — TBA — if you would like to have the van at your special event, please fill out the PARC Mobile Operations Van Request Form and allow enough time for the club members to approve your request. The van has assisted at local bike races, preparedness conferences, Boy Scout radio badge demonstrations, and Science Day demonstrations at Lamar Elementary School in Amarillo, TX. The van also participates in ARRL Field Day and Route 66 On the Air as the mobile club station for any on-the-air club activity.

2 thoughts on “Club QST

  1. Hey, D, exactly which frequency is giving you trouble? According to my very informed source, the tower over by Thompson park is a new tower that only the city uses. The 444.200 repeater used to be on a tower there which was taken down -but that repeater has been moved to a tower on Echo and should be operational. All I can suggest is to check your offset and tone again. Every weekday the club has an informal net on 146.94 from 10:00-11:00 am which you are welcome to check in to –


  2. Hey guys I’m new to the ham radio community, I’ve had my license 4 days now I believe and I’ve tried making comms with someone in the area but the closest repeater to me seems to give me trouble I’m not able to kerchunk it even while being up on it. I’ve got it programmed exactly as needed. It’s the one over by Thompson park in the corner of the golf course. I can’t remember it’s callsign or freq at the moment. Now while at work I do get access to N5LUL but I work nights so no one is able to answer my call. But I try anyways just in case. Today I was able to access W5WX around 9 this morning so it seems like only that repeater is giving me troubles. Thanks again for any help sorry for the long comment that is actually a question hope to hear from y’all soon.


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