Breakfast Bunch!

Hey, let’s get together for breakfast!

Breakfasts seem to be a better time for “in-between radio club meeting” fellowship, so here are the next two “fellowship+food” dates/locations – rise and shine for an 8:00 am rendezvous!

September 23, 2017, TBA (check into the 2m Morning Net to vote)

September 30, 2017, TBA (check into the 2m Morning Net to vote)

We discuss all sorts of “how’ve you been” and amateur-radio-related topics:  special interest groups, van ideas, antenna parties, operating tips, website wants, help requests, etc.  We also set the location and times for the next two or three breakfasts or lunches.

Check back often for updates, as we’ll try to mix some lunches in as well for those who work on Saturdays!

*Eating actually not required 🙂  Your fellowship and expertise highly appreciated!