A fun day of radio with local elementary school students!

March 31st, 2023 — Lamar Elementary School 2nd-5th Graders

Panhandle Amateur Radio Club was represented by Mark and Melinda Koster (KG5NWE and KG5NWD) and John Laur (K5IT).

Throughout the day, approximately 150 students visited the “radio room.” Melinda gave presentations using the code cards and material John printed for distribution from ARRL. The kids had fun with code worksheets and “Altoid” keyers to send and receive Morse code. Mark demonstrated wavelengths and how antennas and radios work together to pull signals in from all over our planet! The kids got to “twirl the dial” and watch the waterfall display for signals, listen for the best signal and watch how the mag-loop antenna tuned into each frequency. We hope you will consider helping next year as the students are excited to see any of the amazing things you can show them featuring Amateur Radio!