Our nominees have individually or collectively hosted/organized the annual Field Day, kept our repeaters running, offered expertise and equipment, climbed towers, organized EmComm groups, re-connected with local response entities, been available for assistance with antennas, radios, and on and on …

Our club is very fortunate to have so many dedicated, selfless and hard working members who donate their time, effort, funds and enthusiasm to the betterment of our organization and Amateur Radio.

Congratulations, Adair!

2022 Nominees:

  • Del Hosner AG6QU – Ham for 4 years, bringing prizes and donuts to almost every meeting that he can. Lots of radios new and old. And likes to have old radios and other cool things. And encouraging others to the hobby of ham radio, and helping others.
  • David Rickets KC5VGW – David is doing a great job as Van Chairman, both with mechanical upkeep and as host for contests when hams are just getting started with HF or might not have their own rigs. David also contributes to the club as VE for testing.
  • Scott Tinkham KG5ZES – Although Scott is essentially a shut-in and deals with health issues, he has been the primary Net Control Operator for the PARC daytime morning net for several years. He rarely hesitates to step up to the task, and often volunteers to back up other control ops when they have scheduling conflicts. This includes the Sunday evening PAINet and the Friday night Tech Net. Scott is always eager to promote the Amateur Radio hobby and quick to “talk it up.”
  • Adair Winter KD5DYP – Knowledge shared readily. Answering questions from Slack, Facebook, email. Made live feed of club meetings happen using his personal equipment. 

Past Ham of the Year Honorees include:

  • Marci KA5IRA
  • Dan WA8YYE
  • Neal Lowe (Lifetime Achievement)
  • Kim WK5X
  • Melinda KG5NWD

Thank you for helping to honor our fellow hams for their efforts to promote Amateur Radio!