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This was my first Field Day, and I was totally “blown away” and “wowed” the whole weekend. I could tell by Friday night that it was going to be a huge Field Day. On Saturday we had 8 stations working and 5 of them were beam antennas. David had the Van right out front and had the mast up all weekend. He was able to show the boy scouts how the mobile command center worked and the new computer system was up an running with new monitors. The van was making contacts all day and all night.

Doug was rocking the CW and Eddie decided to show off with connecting Boy Scouts to the Cook Islands! Ray was up all night and still making contacts at 5:30 in the morning. There was professional grade coffee flowing the entire time. Adair was also putting down the “Hammer” and setting the example. He is a machine! Lewis with the Red Cross in Amarillo came out and handed out waters and sodas to people as they came in to see what Field Day was all about.

Gail and the operators support crew all pitched in to make an amazing brisket dinner for us all! Constable Richard Beal came out and seemed very excited about what we can do. Dan WA8YYE had Richard just about talked into getting a UHF/VHF for the new Jeep he just bought and an amateur license to match! Rod was able to get his GOTA station up and running to help get the Boy Scouts and many others get on the air. Dan set up his antique station right beside Rod.

The storms arrived at the same time the Boy Scouts arrived. We had to hurry, but we divided up the 17 boys among 7 stations so they could all have a chance to talk on the air. But the storm held off long enough for us to let them all see all of the different stations and how they work. Doug on CW was a sight to watch! Each of the operators stopped their furious logging of contacts to spend a little time with each of the Boy Scouts. Most of us stayed all night and continued making contacts.

Coffee, amazing deserts and left over pizza kept everyone going all night. Len and I had our cots set up under the white club tents and napped for a couple hours. Others slept in their vehicles, (or attempted to sleep). Ray’s Roosters began their “cock-a-doodle-doos” at the crack of dawn to let everyone know that it was time to wake up and keep making contacts….

On Sunday Mayor Pro-Temp Frieda Powell came out to see what all we could do. She was very impressed and was able to hear the last hour of Field Day frenzy as our stations worked furiously to get all the contacts they could right up to the end. Then the storms came again. Everyone helped everyone get their stations down and secured before the storms blew in.

The whole club came together and we all had a blast! This is what the hobby is all about! There was a ton more stuff to mention, please feel free to jump in and post a story or fun thing for me to put in the post for the website. If you guys have anything I can add to the story of Field Day 2021, please do. If you have any pictures please share them, we would like to post them on the website. Thanks to everyone for coming out, setting up stations, and helping to making this all possible!

Marci KA5IRA, PARC Vice President

Field Day 2021 was awesome and a huge success for the PARC. Thank you to everyone who participated, especially Marci and Raymond for inspiration, co-ordination, and seemingly boundless energy! In Marci’s words…”This is what teamwork is all about”, and we’ve got a terrific team!

Dan WA8YYE, PARC Repeater Chair, PARC Board

Wow, Field Day returned with a bang in 2021! Thanks to everyone who worked so hard behind the scenes to make this year’s event so successful.

Melinda KG5NWD