Dale Stanton W5DTS

Name and Call Sign:: Dale Stanton, W5DTS

Years as Amateur Radio Operator:: As of 2/13/2022, just under 1/2 year.

Areas of Interest (i.e. CW, DX, Packet, etc.):: FM, Wires-X worldwide, local Digital, Echolink worldwide.

Brief History of Activities Related to Ham Radio:: CBs in the ’70s, along with building Heathkit CB and AM/FM broadcast radios and electrical test equipment. Currently have a Yeasu FT-65 and Yeaasu FT-70D, used with Nagoya NA-771 rubber duckies and N9tax Labs roll-up ladder type Slim Jim.

Other Hobbies or Interests:: Linux, photography (including telescope astrophotography), leather crafting, wood turning, drone (quadcopter) flying, and various crafty things.

Brief Life History (as much or as little as you would like to share):: Born in Des Moines, IA, and raised in north central Iowa. Enlisted in the Coast Guard in 1973, trained as EM, spent enlistment on mid-Ohio River, the only EM on a buoy tender (servicing AC & DC generators/regulators, electrical systems/equipment, and NAVAIDS). DD-214: 1977, NDSM, Pistol Marksman. Spent total of 30 years living in WV, and got to Texas as soon as I could – 2004. This is my forever home now.

Entire working life was industrial maintenance electrician, specializing in critical process controls in a major US chemical plant throughout the 1990s. Retired as HVAC controls tech / Energy Specialist from AC in January 2020.

Your thoughts on what benefits you receive as a Club Member:: Support and education. I have a lot to learn.

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