If you are interested in our area’s local weather or are interested in assisting our National Weather Service crew with on-the-ground reports during severe weather events, sign up for their upcoming virtual training. Training runs from February 18 until March 25th. If you have any questions, contact Mike Gittinger, WCM/SCH, at 806-335-1121 or e-mail at

Training Schedule/Enrollment

Schedule as of 2/13/2021

General Information on the SKYWARN program and its importance in our area.

Field Day Storms 2019 – KG5NWD pic

Weather spotting and Amateur Radio

The National Weather Service in Amarillo has a very active amateur radio community within our area of responsibility.  Persons traveling through the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles that are licensed amateur radio operators are encouraged to follow the instruction of the Network Control Operator to report severe weather should a SKYWARN net be in operation.

~ From the Amarillo NWS Amateur Radio Information Page