New 10 Meter Net!

All licensed radio operators are invited to join our area hams for a new 10 meter net on Wednesday nights at 8:00 pm local on 28.360 for round table discussions and fellowship!

Xenos KJ6RKS has introduced this net “in an effort to help new Tech Hams utilize their HF phone privileges.”  This is also a great opportunity for any licensed operators to work on a skill set other than UHF/VHF repeater operation. 10 Meters is the only band besides 70CM/2M with Technician HF PHONE privileges. Technicians and Novices are granted 28.3 through 28.5 SSB only.

Xenos is net manager and there are positions open for additional net controls each week. The Net Control Script is available if you are curious as to what a net control actually does.

If you, as a new Technician class licensee, are not familiar with the HF bands, this new net is a wonderful opportunity to expand your knowledge of another facet of amateur radio. This local net will not be as intimidating as a national or statewide net might be.

Antenna options are many! Here’s a link to search results with plans, youtube videos, etc. Antennas are a favorite topic, so there are more than enough suggestions to get new operators going on 10 meters. Local consensus as of late suggests the easiest and quickest solution is a dipole, but as you will see from search results, the sky’s the limit as far as any antenna you would like to build (or buy)!

And for anyone needing equipment:

Scott, KG5ZES, is offering 10 meter radios to new techs to get on the air on 10 meters! Contact him if you would like to borrow a 10 meter radio (806) 437-5947. Thank you, Scott, for stepping up to Elmer the new techs in our area!

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