Everyone get ready for “Route 66 On the Air” 2020!!

This week-long event, inaugurated by the Northern Arizona DX Association and now sponsored by the Citrus Belt Amateur Radio Club of San Bernardino, CA, is celebrating its 21st year. Operators from all over the continent and world try to make contacts with each of the 21 sponsored locations on Historical Route 66. Info on the event, each “stop” along Historical Route 66 and certificates awarded can be found on the W6JBT website.

W5WX needs as many operators from our club, which sponsors the W6I location along the Route, to man their radio whenever they can during the week to give these hams a chance to get W6I in their log!

Calling CQ for W6I is fun and exciting — and a great first HF event for all you new techs under 3rd party rules, or all you licensed hams just getting back into the hobby.

The PARC van usually camps out at Adrian, TX, the official “mid-point” for the Mother Road. If you are not ready for a road trip yourself, stay at home and call “CQ, CQ, CQ, W6I Route 66 On The Air” from the comfort of your own “shack!”

If you are ready for a “road trip” to Adrian, head over to the Fabulous 40’s Motel. The Kiewert family has been our host for the Adrian location for the last three years, and provide the acreage and a room with facilities for those occasional rest breaks. Call or email Melinda KG5NWD and she’ll set up a time for a Route 66 rendezvous with the van in Adrian that works with your schedule. You can also set up your own station in the Kiewert’s field east of the motel.

If you do make it over to Adrian, be sure to stop at the Midway Cafe for a slice of their famous pie and beverages (Tue – Sun 8:00 am until 3:00 pm) and their full grill and pie menu (Fri – Sun 8:00 am until 3:00 pm).

Ed K5KBV is our club chairman for this event, and asks that you coordinate your operation time/band with him so that we won’t duplicate modes during the same time frame. Call or text him at 806-683-5603 to make sure you aren’t overlapping someone else’s operating time or mode.

Any other questions about operating, logging or sample “QSO” during the event, just give Ed K5KBV (806-683-5603) or Melinda KG5NWD (806-676-2948) a call.

Here are a couple of files to help you get started – a “cliff notes” for exchanges and a log for your convenience. ADIF or Cabrillo files can be submitted. N3FJP software is really handy for any contest – the Amateur Contact Log is what many are using for this event.

Event exchange is call sign, name, location.

Your log must include time of contact, contact call sign, contact name and location, band and frequency.

Hope to hear you soon in the Route 66 On the Air Special Event!