ARRL’s biggest operating event of the year!

When: June 27-28

Setup June 26 (antennas, locations, stations, etc.) 19:00 CDT (7:00 pm local time), Pizza provided for set-up volunteers.

Operation Begins Saturday, June 27 – 18:00 UTC (1:00 pm local time)

Operation Ends Sunday, June 28 – 17:59 UTC (12:59 pm local time)

Volunteers appreciated to help with shelter take-down, antenna disassembly, etc. and general policing of the property (trash, etc.).

Contact Raymond W5RAW if you can help with:

  • General volunteer position: “put me to work!”
  • Educational ham/technical-related presentation for participants
  • Antenna preparation, site preparation, shelter setup, etc.
  • Event photographer/videographer
  • Information booth or tours
  • GOTA Station (Get On The Air!)
  • Station wellness checks throughout event

Local Field Day Operations begin 13:00 CDT Saturday and run through 12:59 CDT Sunday.

Where: 14590 Mescalero Trail, Amarillo, TX (Map)

Who: Everyone interested in portable or emergency radio communications

How: Come on out, no reservation required — but if you are wishing to operate from the van please let us know by contacting Melinda KG5NWD before Saturday.

We’ll have a guest book and folks available show you around and answer questions. The club van will be available for amateur radio operators who would like to try out Field Day or help with contacts.

If you have never heard of or participated in ARRL Field Day, here is some information straight from ARRL:

ARRL Field Day Guides

If you’d like to see what exactly happens, there are plenty of YouTube videos to watch:

YouTube Search Results “ARRL Field Day”

If you’d like to see past photos of past W5WX ARRL Field Days, browse these pages:

Recent PARC Field Day Pics

And you can operate VHF/UHF

UHF/VHF Field Day Information

Special Virus Precautions and Disclaimers

  • Stations will be disinfected
  • Social Distancing is encouraged
  • Bring your own masks, gloves and hand sanitizer if you would be more comfortable, but remember this is an outdoor event. Temps will probably be in the 90’s so wear appropriate clothing, keep hydrated and don’t forget your sunscreen.
  • The PARC van will be disinfected on a regular basis or after every operator. Bring your own gloves, masks, and hand sanitizer.
  • Other personal stations will be available for observation at the owner’s discretion ONLY. Maintain social distance unless invited.
  • The only “facility” available is a single porta-potty – and you might want to BYOTP and hand wipes.
  • Field Day is “roughing it” – if you would be more comfortable at home but would like to add to W5WX score/totals, stay home, enjoy your A/C and operate a D Class Station – commercial power, indoors.
  • Last but not least: if you feel unwell, stay home and take care of yourself. There’s always next year! 🙂