First, let me apologize that I had not added anything to this for the month of January. My job, Sr Refrigeration Supervisor at Tyson, keeps me very busy. I actually have not had a day off since the 5th and I’ve been working anywhere from 11 to 18 hours a day. Unfortunately, February isn’t looking much better at this point.

I would like to thank everyone for their support in electing me president. I hope I am able to help move this club in a positive direction. To me, this club should be about advancing the hobby by getting more people interested in it, and helping our community.

When I came to my first meeting, I really didn’t know what to expect. I came in, sat down and that was pretty much it. I do not remember anyone coming up and talking to me. I didn’t know anyone there at that time. After the meeting, I tested and got my technician’s license and that was it until the following month when I came back. Same scenario, I came in, sat down and that was it. After the meeting, I tested for my general and went home. Between then and the next meeting, I had done some research and reached out to Carl Jeans about ARES. So then when the 3rd meeting came around, I at least had someone to talk to about what I was interested in. I did eventually see a familiar face, Eddie Wood, N5SUJ. I knew Eddie from years back when my dad worked for him.

Anyway, the whole reason I brought that up is because I wanted to point out that we have to do a better job when someone new comes in, to make them feel welcome. I could have very easily gotten my first license and never come back to the club. I didn’t need my general or my extra (which I’m still working on) to talk on two meter which is all I really need for emergency communications. Every month, I see people come in for testing, but then we don’t see them again. I think this happens more than we realize and that is no way to grow as a club.

That all being said, if anyone has any ideas on how to get new people involved, feel free let me know. You can text me, (806-881-6534) or email me ( or No idea is without merit.

Until next time, 73’s

Michael, KG5SNX