From Dan Hoff, KF5JED, Race Communications Chairman –

“From myself, the race organizers, and the USA Cycling Officials – Thank you all for your hard work today. You handled today’s events with the utmost professionalism which allowed everything to go smoothly.”

  • Net Control:  Dan Hoff, KF5JED; Daniel Holcomb, KG5KIF
  • Van Repeater:  Mark Koster, KG5NWE
  • Marshal 1: Shane Brown, KI5DNQ
  • Marshal 2: Jake Morgan, KG5PDF
  • Marshal 4: Matthew Johnson, KI5BUA
  • Marshal 5: Russell Obert, KG5KIC
  • Marshal 6: Tom Nizlak, KG5ZYN
  • Marshal 8: Justin Watson, KI5FAJ
  • Marshal 9: Adair Winter, KD5DYP
  • Marshal 10: Melinda Koster, KG5NWD