2019 Tri-State Fair Parade-September 14

Our Panhandle Amateur Radio Club was well-represented at the Trial-State Fair Parade again this year! Special thanks to everyone who came out to walk or ride!

Participants included:

  • Mark Koster KG5NWE
  • Melinda Koster KG5NWD
  • Michael Powers KG5SNX and kids
  • Sarah Powers KI5BTX
  • Alan Back N8TIB, Misty Back, Sierra and Audrey
  • Betty Sproul W5UGR – Big Thanks for the Candy
  • Kim Opitz WK5X
  • Ed Krizan K5KBV

Betty W5UGR shared her thoughts on the event:

“Panhandle Amateur Radio Club was part of the Fair Parade. It was a perfect day, and so many wonderful people of Radio Club there to help. 
I am very blessed to have good health at my age , 83, to walk the parade. I felt like you all supported me to do this, and I did. I thank you all for caring about me to be able to do this. Kim walked with me when I got behind the van. I had a real good time. Maurice was there to meet me when it was over.
Very good day, and very great people doing all the work.

W5UGR, Betty Sproul”