Amarillo Office of Emergency Management 2019 Prep Expo

Saturday, September 28, 2019, the PARC Van participated in the Amarillo OEM Prep Expo — we had fun hanging out at the van table and sharing ham radio with interested expo attendees. Lots of inquiries about the club and licensing helped make our presence there time well spent. Thanks to those club members who manned the van or stopped by to chat: Ed K5KBV, Charlie W5CEH, Dell AG5QU and kiddos, Daniel KG5KIF, Michael KG5SNX and Sarah KI5BTX and kiddos, Melinda KG5NWD, Mark KG5NWE, William KG5QNJ, Kim WK5X and Dave WA5X.

2019 Panhandle Regional Preparedness Conference *Recap*

The PARC Van and crew attended the Panhandle Regional Preparedness Conference on September 18th at the Amarillo Civic Center. This conference, sponsored by PREMAC is for professional first responders and community volunteers, is always informative and educational. The crew was there to learn and network and made many new contacts that will assist the club in helping maintain amateur radio communications “in the loop” during times of disaster.


  • Mark Koster KG5NWE
  • Melinda Koster KG5NWD
  • Kim Opitz WK5X
  • David Opitz WA5X
  • Michael Powers KG5SNX
  • Sarah Powers KI5BTX