2019 is winding down

it has been quite a ride!! 

I have enjoyed every minute of it and hope everyone has enjoyed our time together, made new friends, broadened their horizons, learned new things, but most of all had a good time!!

Congratulations to Melinda KG5NWD, our new Amateur Extra Class operator.  Congratulations to our new Technician Class operator Rodney Fortunes KI5FWX.  Great job!!

Even though the year is winding down, there are many activities coming up.  Be sure to check the Website often for updates on these events.

  • Route 66 On The Air…Everyone is invited to participate, either from their QTH or from the “Midpoint of Route 66” in Adrian, TX.  Be sure to watch the Website for details.  
  • TriState Fair Parade…Thanks to those who have signed up to join in the fun.
  • PREMAC and Amarillo OEM Prep Expo..be sure to follow the link on the Website to register for the PREMAC Conference.
  • Club picnic in October
  • Elections in November
  • Christmas Luncheon in December

One of the activities that we as Hams can enjoy is participating in a number of “nets.” These are a great way to enjoy the fellowship of our peers, gain knowledge, and help each other. There is a list of nets on this website and I encourage you to participate in as many as you find interesting. The 2M Morning Net and the Sunday PAIN nets are sponsored by the Club and are open to all licensed Amateurs. The Tuesday night GAIN Net is a digital only net. All those with digital capability are encouraged to participate.

These nets are basically “informal;” however, please remember to be courteous to others while engaging in a net and adhere to protocol which discourages, if not expressly prohibits certain topics, including “politics” and “religion.” We all hold strong beliefs and convictions, but there is a time and place to expound: where the nets are concerned “discretion is the better part of valor.”

 Best Wishes to All!  73!

Respectfully submitted,

Kim  WK5X