It’s Me Again, Margaret!

“A Day Late & A Dollar Short” in posting this page

As expected, Field Day was a grand success!!  Congratulations to all involved and major “Thanks” to everyone as well.  Raymond, W5RAW, Gail, & Adair KD5DYP did an excellent job as usual.  Don’t have words enough to express the Club’s gratitude!

Enjoyed the meeting last week.  Lots of interaction and exchange of ideas.  Congratulations to the folks who tested and passed.  Dee Kirkby KG5NPK upgraded to General,  David Ricketts KC5VGW upgraded to Extra and two others (sorry I don’t have their names) passed both their Technician and General tests.  Good Job!!

This time of year does seem to be a little slow; however, many things are coming up, and sooner than we might think.  Things do have a tendency to jump up out of nowhere and bite you in the rear.  With this in mind below is a short list of upcoming events which need thought and planning:

  • Summer Social (Picnic, Field Trip, ???)
    • Possible date for picnic could be first of October
    • Field trip to Norman Petty Studios in Clovis
    • Group trip to the play “Texas”
    • Please let me know if you are interested in any of these, or have other ideas
  • Route 66 On the Air (Sept. 7th through Sept 15th)
  • Tri-State Fair Parade (Sept. 14th)
    • Registration needs to be in by August 23rd including number of folks in our entry
    • Theme is “Let Freedom Ring”
  • Emergency Preparedness Expo (probably third or fourth Saturday in Sept.)
  • Nominating Committee (Appointed and begin working in Sept.) including Ham of the Year
    • Please consider serving on the committee or as an officer
    • Email me if you would like to serve
  • Club Election (November Meeting)
  • Texas Mountain Bike Marathon (November)
  • Christmas Pot Luck (December)

Whew!  That wasn’t what I would call a “short list”!  Thanks in advance for your consideration and input regarding these items.

Our North and West repeaters have now been upgraded to the new Yaesu XDR2 units.  Many thanks to Dan WA8YYE, Jamie AB7II, Dave WA5X, and all others involved in making this happen.  The new units seem to be operating very well.  Hope we get many years of service from them.  Make sure to check this site for listings of  additional new repeaters including Ed K5KBV’s, the new 6M located at Ed’s QTH, and the AllStar repeater at Joe’s KI5OWA.  Quite an exciting time for repeaters!!

Want to remind everyone of the Club’s local nets including the Sunday night PAIN net and the PARC 2M Morning net.  These provide an excellent opportunity to get Amateurs together for the exchange of knowledge and fellowship.  Again, check the Local Net listing on this site for times and frequencies.  Look forward to hearing from you…the more the merrier!  You might also consider taking a turn as “Net Control”.

It is my great pleasure and privilege to serve you.  Please do not hesitate to contact me ( with any comments or suggestions you might have.

Adios for another month…


Kim  WK5X