Be Informed! “Restraint Urged”

“RSGB VHF Manager John Regnault, G4SWX, in a related Moon-Net post, said the flood of “fake news” on the issue propagated via social media and online petitions does not help Amateur Radio’s position.”

ARRL News 07/02/2019

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ARRL Article Highlights:

  • France proposed, at the CEPT meeting prior to WRC-19, a study of possible new Aeronautical Mobile Service primary allocations in several bands in the range from 144 MHz to 22.2 GHz on a primary basis, “while ensuring the protection of existing services in those bands and, as appropriate, adjacent bands, and not constraining future development of these services.”
  • Great Britain recognized that there would not be an “eviction or reallocation” of amateur radio operators, but that the proposal, if adopted, was unwelcome.
  • Germany opposed the idea at the CEPT meeting. A total of 6 or more CEPT Member Administrations must oppose the proposal at the CEPT Conference Preparatory Group meeting in August or this item will advance to the agenda at WRC-19.
  • The proposal will most likely be put on the WRC-19 agenda, but would not be voted upon until WRC-23.
  • IARU has pledged to protect amateur radio interests and allocations in this band allocation development.
  • Amateur Radio Societies in all member countries should support their respective organizations so that amateur radio can speak as one voice.

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