Thanks to all for another great PARC meeting for March!!

Thanks to Michael, KG5SNX for his presentation on ARES!!

Congratulations to the new Technician and General Class Licensees!!


Got to thinking about this old line from a commercial and did some “free association” rambling.  Lead me to Amateur Radio perhaps being the forerunner of Social Media.

Amateur Radio has presented so many opportunities and methods of making contact with people all over the world long before Social Media was ever even a gleam in someone’s eye.  From CW, to FM, to HF and on into the world of digital communications, Hams have been reaching out to other Hams for decades, and enjoying the associations and rewards achieved.  Amateur Radio offers endless avenues for each operator to enjoy their particular area of interest; Worked All States, DXCC, SKCC, and many more achievements adding to the collection of QSL cards papering the walls of Radio Shacks everywhere.  Not to mention nets, Hamfests, Speacial Events, and many more activities.

However, just as in having 1000 “friends” on Face Book with whom you have no personal contact, do you ever long for a “hand-shaking, eyeball to eyeball” contact with some of the radio contacts you have made?  It may be very fulfilling to get out of the ionosphere and off the internet and have a personal contact.

With that in mind..Panhandle Amateur Radio Club offers many opportunities to enjoy personal interaction with fellow Amateurs, including monthly meetings, Wednesday lunches, Saturday breakfasts, as well as participation in community and special events.  There is ample opportunity for networking and fellowship before and after the meetings.  If you have a particular interest in some facet of the hobby or need help in an area, these times offer an excellent opportunity for interaction with others.

Always remember…this is your club.  Please feel free to offer suggestions on subjects or activities you would like to see happen in the club.  Again, this is your club, and as with life in general “you get out of it what you put into it”.

Respectfully submitted

73!! Kim WK5X