~ Submitted by Brad Miskimen N5LUL

From NewsChannel 10 earlier this month:  “Man Mauled by 2 Dogs Saved By Neighbor”

“On January 7th my mother called to tell me Mr. Stanley (who lives directly across from her) had been attacked by two dogs.  Jim Rakestraw, W5BTV, his neighbor, beat the dogs back to save him.  Mr. Stanley received numerous bites to the arms, legs, and head…almost having an ear ripped off.  Unfortunately, Mr. Stanley passed away two weeks later.”  

We are very sorry that this event did not have a happier outcome and extend our condolences to the family of Mr. Stanley.  Jim is to be commended for putting his own safety on the line to help a neighbor in need.

Robert Burns Wadley, KF5UKB, was interviewed during the card-reader skimmer incidents before Christmas — 

From KVII-TV:  Robert KF5UKB

From KVII-TV via Facebook: Robert KF5UKB