MR. JOHN KRUC, N9UPC, National Sales Manager for the United States and Chief Wires X Technician for Yaesu Radio, who will present a comprehensive overview of the Wires X system followed by a Q&A

Here is your opportunity to explore and expand your knowledge of Wires X!!

Date:  January 17, 2019

Time:  7:00 p.m. Central Time

Frequency:  PARC W5WX North Repeater 146.94 – 146.34, 88.5 PL Tone


Report on a very successful Net

Many Thanks to Mr. Kruk N9UPC and Charlie W5CEH!!  Session went off without a hitch with several check ins and great information delivered.

The new firmware upgrade to the FT2DR which will allow it to function as a node on Wires X without the HRI-200 is available now, as well as a teaser by Mr. Kruk involving the same upgrade to the FTM100 and FTM400 in the future.

Questions concerning future phone APS, audio quality of Wires X, capacity of Wires X rooms, and the process to register a node with Yaesu were asked and very capably answered by Mr. Kruk.

Thanks again to Charlie, Mr. Kruk and all who participated.