March 30 – 31, 2019 — “Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans” at the Texas Panhandle War Memorial 

W5V Operating Guidelines

  1. If you wish to operate as W5V please use the following guidelines and instructions:
  2. Call “CQ CQ W5V Texas Panhandle War Memorial Honoring America’s Vietnam Veterans”
  3. Please use log sheet downable from the post on our website under “Contest & Event”
  4. Please try to coordinate your operating frequency with Kim, WK5X, 806-570-5282
  5. Please announce to your contacts to Google 1 x 1 Callsigns for QSL information or get QSL information at

I appreciate all those who participate and I look forward to a very successful event.

The Mobile Communications Van will be on site at Texas Panhandle War Memorial, I-27 & Georgia Saturday, March 30 and Sunday, March 31st.  Check back closer to the event for the operating schedule.

Hz 80M 40M 30M 20M 17M 15M 12M 10M
CW 3.533 7.033 10.11 14.033 18.08 21.033 24.9 28.033
SSB 3.866 7.266 N/A 14.266 18.164 21.366 24.966 28.466
DIGITAL 3.580 7.070 10.140 14.070 18.100 21.070 24.920 28.120
All frequencies shown can be +/- due to QRM and other in use conditions

W5V Veteran’s Day Recap — November 10-11, 2018


I want to extend my thanks and appreciation for your support of this special event.  I hope that we can make this an annual event as well as add more events from the Texas Panhandle War Memorial!!

We logged 140 contacts over the period under some rather poor weather conditions and the QSL cards are already coming in.  Thanks to Dan WA8YYE for pulling our fat out of the fire by loaning us an antenna when the wind was too high to extend the mast!  Kudos to the following Hams for their participation and support:

  • Melinda KG5NWD
  • Mark KG5NWE
  • Dan WA8YYE
  • Dave WA5X
  • Scott KG5ZES
  • William KG5QNJ
  • Daniel KG5KIF

Thanks also to those who checked in:

Charlie W5CEH, Scott KG5ZES, Mike W5MHE, Kenneth KI5BDG, Brad N5LUL, William KG5QNJ, Robert WR9B, David KG5JLD

Kim  WK5X