Another good turnout this month.  Great to see everyone!!  I certainly enjoy the camaraderie and learning that happens at the PARC meetings.

This month was short but sweet.  Neal W5PVI presented an excellent program on antennas.  Thank you Neal for sharing your knowledge with all of us.

Elections were held with all of the current officers continuing in their positions for the coming year.  On a personal note, I want to thank you all for having the confidence in me to allow me to serve you for another year!!  I have truly enjoyed this past year, especially getting to know all the fantastic members of PARC.  I have learned so much and hope this knowledge will help me do a better job for you in the coming year.  I welcome comments and suggestions, and hope none of you will hesitate to contact me with any concerns you might have.  Thank you again.  Looking forward to a very fun and successful year in 2019!!

Heartfelt Congratulations to Melinda, KG5NWD, PARC Ham of the Year!  Melinda has been a tremendous asset to the Club and truly deserves this honor.  For everyone who received a nomination for Ham of the Year my was an honor to be included in such a prestigious group.

Thanks to Jamie, AB7II, for doing the testing for John this month.  We now have two new Technician Class Operators and two new Extra Class Operators.  Four out of four is fantastic.  One Tech tester scored a perfect 100% on his test!!  Hope this trend continues and we see more and more folks getting licenses and upgrading.  Makes for a healthy and growing Ham Community!  Look forward to welcoming them to Panhandle Amateur Radio Club and hope we can enhance their experience as “Hams” as they will enhance our Club.

Looking forward to the Christmas Luncheon on December 1st.  Hope everyone can join in the fun and food!  The Route 66 plaques and awards will be presented during the luncheon.  An official Ham of the Year Award will be presented to Melinda, KG5NWD.

Don’t forget the Skywarn Appreciation event that will be happening that weekend.  Raymond W5RAW has asked for those who wish to help setup Friday evening to get in touch with him.  The event lasts 24 hours which will allow participation at the Luncheon and at the Skywarn event as well.

Thanks again.  See you all at the Luncheon!

73!  Kim WK5X Clear