Can’t remember seeing that many folks at our meeting before!!  Every chair in the house was taken with “standing room only” as well!!

Lots of business handled, loads of camaraderie, great program by Ed K5KBV, and a record testing session as well.  Congratulations to the 10 who got new or upgraded licenses.  Don’t know to what to contribute this happening, but will not look a gift horse in the mouth and hope whatever it was, it will continue!

Want to say “Thanks” to Melinda KG5NWD for providing the give-aways.  What a great idea!!  Kudos to her for her inventiveness and thoughtfulness!  That was great fun…maybe we should think about doing more of it in the future??

John K5IT reported that there will be a September QST magazine and a W5WX QSL card signed by the officers placed in the time capsule at the Helium Monument.  Good Job!

The RT66 results were announced and what an impressive effort by everyone making a whopping 2475 contacts.  The winners of the Top Operator awards were Phone:  Rich N5ZC, 1812 contacts and Digital:  Daniel KG5KIF 35 FT8 contacts.  The RT66 signs for all participants and the Top Performer Awards will be presented at the Christmas Luncheon in December.

Our Mobile Communications Van continued to represent the club in September, including RT66 in Adrian, Tri-State Fair, and 2 emergency preparedness conferences at the Civic Center.  Thanks to Melinda KG5NWD for the scathingly brilliant idea and efforts to provide T-Shirts for the participants in the parade.  Thanks to Michael KG5SNX for asking us and the van to be a part of his ARES booth at the City preparedness conference on the 29th.  Most especially, thanks to Mark KG5NWE and Melinda KG5NWD for the effort above and beyond in taking such good care of the van!!

It was decided to continue with the potluck Christmas Luncheon at the EOC (Simms) Building this year.  I will be contacting the proper people to reserve facility for that date and time.  I am very sorry that the Skywarn Appreciation Event and our club luncheon both happen on the first Saturday in December, but to quote Ed K5KBV, “it is what it is”.  Hope those wanting to participate in both can make it happen.

The W5V Special Event Call Sign for our club has been reserved for the Veteran’s Day weekend.  Details to follow…please keep checking the website.

Bob K5ZKQ reported for the nominating committee.  At this time the slate consists of the current officers.  There had been 7 nominations for Ham of the Year submitted on the website.  There were 4 more names added during and after the meeting and the page to nominate on the website has been reposted.  This site will be active until Sunday, October 14th, at which time nominations will close and the slate of officers and nominees for Ham of the Year will be posted on the website.  Elections will be by written ballot open to all club members in good standing at the November meeting.

Projects in progress include club T-Shirts, Patches, and a publicity flyer.

Heartfelt “Thanks” and appreciation to everyone who makes Panhandle Amateur Radio Club the great entity that it is!!