Seems I’ve had a bit of difficulty getting in gear this month.  Apologies to all!!

Want to thank everyone who came to the meeting and the picnic.  Weather was great and a good time was had by all.  Note to self, “don’t schedule club function on a holiday weekend”.

Don’t forget RT66 On the Air is still in progress.  Thanks to Mark & Melinda for making the Van available for operating in Adrian again this year.  Many of you came out to Adrian and we all enjoyed the fellowship.  Bands were iffy and very crowded, but contacts were made, both phone and digital.  Further availability of the Van in Adrian will be posted on this website.

The Tri State Fair Parade is coming up Saturday, Sept. 15th.  The Club Van is entered and will be in the parade.  There may be a couple more spots open if you would like to walk along with the Van and pass out candy.  Please contact me or John Laur at email addresses listed on contact page of this website for information if interested.

The nominating committee is hard at work and will have a slate of officers for next year ready to present at the October meeting.  Don’t forget to get your nomination in for Ham of the Year by September 30th.  Both lists will be announced at the October meeting and posted on the website in October.  Elections will be held at the November meeting.

It is time to think about some future happenings, and I need your input please:

  • Christmas get together is just around the corner and there are decisions to be made:
    • Do we want to have it on meeting date in lieu of meeting?  This date will be the same date as the Skywarn Appreciation Event again.
    • Do we want to stay with lunch or do evening?
    • Do we want to stay with EOC facility or try some other venue?
    • All options are open for discussion at this time.  Please leave comments here (you can enter comments at bottom of page) and be ready to discuss and decide at the October meeting.
  • Is there any interest in continuing to offer license classes?
    • Ideas on format, scheduling and length of classes will be appreciated
    • Volunteers to be instructors would also be appreciated.
  • The officers will be meeting the end of this month with a representative of the Texas Panhandle War Memorial to discuss operating a Special Event station for Veteran’s Day from their location.  Also, we will discuss the possibility of the Club’s members donating/loaning vintage radio gear for the new museum.
    • Please be ready to discuss your thoughts and interest on these matters at the October meeting.

Once again, thank you to all our exceptional members.  Without you this Club would not be  possible.  Look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at the October meeting!!

73!!  Kim  WK5X