As you may or may not be aware, the National Institute of Standards and Technology has proposed, in its 2019 budget, to cut funding to the WWV, WWVH and WWVB stations.  Anyone with an “atomic” clock or other similarly equipped timekeeping device should be familiar with WWVB.  Thousands across the country set their watches or clock manually to the WWV station for “official” time at least once a month.  These stations, some of the oldest in the nation, have provided “official” time and frequency signals and even marine storm warnings, GPS data, and solar activity and radio propagation information to the American public since the 1920’s.

Read the entire ARRL article here:  “Concern Rising Within Amateur Radio Community over WWV-WWVH Shut Down Proposal”

Sign the Petition here:  “Maintain funding for NIST stations WWV & WWVH”

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Thanks to Dave WA5X for the “heads up” on this important NIST budgetary cut proposal.