“It’s me again”

Another month has come and gone!  Our August meeting was another fun and interesting one!  I apologize for forgetting to do the introductions.  Thank all of you for cutting me some slack.

First and foremost I want to thank Scott KG5ZES for his generous donation of the Kenwood 820 radio.  Scott is truly a great asset to our club!  Want to thank Robert WR9B for an excellent program on the WWII Frequency Meter.  Want to thank Rus KG5KIC for the corn and Brad N5LUL for the cucumbers as well.

Plans for the Club picnic have been made and appear on the QST page of this website.  We will have an abbreviated regular meeting Sat., Sept. 1, at 9:30 a.m. with testing if needed and then adjourn to John Stiff Memorial Park.  Hope everyone will plan to join us for an afternoon of fun and fellowship.

Thanks to John K5IT for volunteering to supervise the mowing at the North repeater site.  Ed K5KBV will be loaning his string mower to assist in this effort.  Further thanks will be forthcoming to others who will be helping.

I will be registering PARC as a participant in the Tri State Fair Parade on Sept. 15th (there is no entry fee).  John K5IT will be coordinating this event.  We will need a driver for our van as well as folks to walk with the van and throw candy for the kids.  Please get with John if you would like to participate and let him know your T-Shirt size as all participants will receive a free PARC T-Shirt.

Carl N5YXN announced that the meeting of the PARC Emergency Service group on the second Tuesday of the month will be suspended until further notice and the Thursday night net for this group will also be suspended if additional net controls do not volunteer.  There are many changes pending within the ARRL and ARES organizations.  The PARC Emergency Service group will await decisions and notification of these changes before moving forward.

Can’t forget RT66 OTA coming up in September!  Ramona, owner of the Fabulous 40 Motel has generously offered us space and electricity again this year for our operations from Adrian, Texas.  Ed K5KBV will be announcing dates of operation from Adrian and soliciting volunteers to man the radio in the van on those dates.  Operators are also encouraged to operate from their QTH and asked to coordinate with Ed.  There will be a special QSL card for contacts made in Adrian.

I know it is a little early; however, I feel we should get a jump on election of next year’s officers.  I will be forming a nominating committee which will be in place by Sept. 1st.  The committee will contact potential nominees during the month of September and present a “Slate of Officers” to the Club at the October meeting, which will be posted on the website.  Nominations from the floor will be accepted at the November meeting after which the election will be held by written ballot.  Results will be announced following tabulation of the ballots.

A “Ham of the Year” will also be named this year.  There is a nomination form on the website.  Nominations can be anonymous if desired and must include the name, call sign, and description of club activities of the nominee.  All nominees will be listed on a separate ballot and voted on at the November meeting.

The next few months look to be very busy and exciting.  I want to thank everyone for their interest and support in the continued success of this Club!!

73!!  Kim  K5OPI




Once again, thanks to all who attended our meeting Saturday.  As with the meeting, I will keep this short and sweet.

Congratulations to Scott KG5ZES on attaining his General Class.  Good Job!!

Thanks to Dave WA5X for an interesting program showing many examples of Arduino projects.

In process of reserving the site at John Stiff Memorial Park for a club picnic on September 1st.  Looking forward to the fellowship and fun.

If you have not checked out the recap of Field Day on the blog page and the pics on the menus page, please do.  It was a great time.

Thanks again.  Proud to be a member of Panhandle Amateur Radio Club.  What a great group of folks!!

73!!  Kim  K5OPI



Another busy month and another busy meeting!!  Many thanks to many folks for their service to the club this past month!

First order of business is to say “thanks” to John K5IT, John N5BNU, and Ken WB5QLI, Dan WA8YYE, Mark KG5NWE, Melinda KG5NWD, Jamie AB7II, Danelle KC7RDH (formerly KG5YYA), Carl N5YXN, Jim K5BZH, Dave WA5X (special thanks to you for putting up with me) and everyone else who attended and helped with our Swapfest May 12th!!  It was great fun and very successful.  There is a recap of prizes and winners on the website and the Facebook page.  After expenses John reported a net income of $1978.91.  A very good start to our Club projects for the rest of the year!!

Have to give big thanks to Mark KG5NWE and Melinda KG5NWD for the TLC to the van.  They must have the patience of Jobe to have diagnosed and fixed what ailed our van.  Looking forward to the “work session” on June 16th from 8 a.m. to noon to prepare the van for Field Day.  Hope to see many of you there!

It appears Field Day is in very good hands this year.  Raymond W5RAW is doing a great job of organizing this event.  Thanks to Ray and Gail for allowing us to use their property. Thanks to Betty W5UGR for coordinating the Saturday evening meal, and to Gail and Mysti Winter for organizing the Sunday morning meal.  Don’t have a full list of all who have volunteered, but I will make sure they all get due recognition in our recap of the event.  Hope to see many of you there and hear many of you calling “CQ, CQ, W5WX Field Day”!!

photo courtesy KG5NWD
President Kim K5OPI with the City Of Amarillo’s Proclamation recognizing Amateur Radio Operators during 2018 ARRL Field Day preparations

Updates on pending issues:

  • Jin-Pole back home and thanks to the generosity of those who had shares in it (Charlie W5CEH, Dan WA8YYE, Bob K5ZKQ, Monty, Chris, and Bob), the club will own it.
  • Still getting quotes on patches.  Who would have thought they would be so expensive!
  • Still in negotiation with City on use of tower for Club Station.

New topics for consideration:

  • Would like to see a compilation of Club history.  Looking for a volunteer to take on this task with help of course.  Please let me know if you would like to be involved.
  • Seems we have a “chicken or egg”, Catch 22, situation with involvement and service in the community.  Asking for a volunteer to head committee to do networking in the community to build PARC image and find opportunities for us to serve.  Please let me know if you would like to be involved.
  • The idea of a Club picnic for fun and fellowship has been brought up.  Thinking of “potluck” affair at Southwest Park, maybe in September or October.  Thoughts?

Apologies to those who had demonstrations from Lamar Science Day.  I let time get away from me and justice was not done to those who worked so hard to make Lamar Science Day a great experience for those kids.  Can’t wait til next year!

In closing I would like to recognize those anniversaries and birthday from the meeting.  Again I must apologize for another senior moment on my part..I diligently wrote down the dates and number of years; however, I did not write down the person to whom they belonged.  Collaborated with Melinda to get correct information, but if there are errors, please let me know and I will make sure they are corrected.


  • May 26th, Maury W5UGQ and Betty W5UGR celebrated 62 years of marriage
  • June 4th, Russ KW5KW celebrates 42 years of marriage
  • June 5th, Carl N5YXN celebrates 53 years of marriage
  • June 7th, John N5BNU celebrates 41 years of marriage
  • June 10th, Raymond W5RAW and Gail celebrate 40 years of marriage
  • June 13th, Marian Krizan (Mrs. Ed Krizan) celebrates a birthday
  • June 22nd, Danelle KC7RDH celebrates a birthday

As usual I have let my “alligator fingers” overload my “humming bird rear”.  Thank you for your patience.  If anyone is still awake, thank you again for your commitment to PARC.  Looking forward to another exciting month!  73!!  Kim  K5OPI



Another month is in the books

Great turnout this month!!  Thanks to all who were there to support our Club, both members and visitors who will hopefully become members.

Have received several comments requesting the PA speaker be moved to the front of the room.  Consider it done.  Apologize for the confusion on the donuts.  The coffee table is a bit crowded so our donuts for the meeting will be at the front each month.  If anyone has any suggestions about possible other goodies, please let me know.  Thanks to Bill KG5QNJ for bringing the creamer and Stivia.

Thanks to Dan WA8YYE for a program about the trip to the 146.94 repeater site which was very well put together and informative.  Thanks to John K5IT as well for guiding us through it since Dan was unable to attend Saturday.

Thanks to John K5IT for getting the mailers for the Swapfest out.  There has been quite a lot of publicity for the Swapfest this year and I hope to have a great turnout.  Looking forward to the presentations by Dale Durham W5WI and company from the ARRL and Jim Musgrove K5BZH on Amateur Radio History!  Times for presentations will be posted on the website and at the Swapfest.

We are looking for volunteers to help with setup on Friday evening May 11th around 5:30 pm and again on Saturday morning May 12th at 8:00am.  I know we need the rain, but please pray for “warm and sunny” on Saturday!!

The van repeater test is being logged as successful, albeit not as expected.  The limit of generator cutoff based on van fuel level has been determined.  That would be one quarter tank.  Thanks to Mark KG5NWE, Melinda KG6NWD, Jamie AB7II, and Danelle KG5YYA for discovering this very useful bit of information.

Ben W2CYV is out of the hospital and back home.  Hope to hear him on the nets again soon.  Best wishes for a speedy recovery!!

Raymond W5RAW reported that he needs assistance in a few areas for Field Day.  The specifics will be posted on the website and I encourage anyone who can help to contact him.

Happy Birthday to our May celebrants:  Ed K5KBV, Melinda KG5NWD, Brad N5LUL, David KG5JLD, and Robert WR9B.  Happy Anniversary to Cory KD5ROK.  Please let me know of birthdays and anniversaries in the months to follow, or any I may have missed for May, so I can recognize them at the meeting and in this blog.

There is not enough space here for me to express my gratitude to all of you for your support.  See you all Saturday for Swapfest!  73!  Kim  K5OPI



Thoughts from me to you following the April Meeting

Looks like the transition to the new building owners is going well.  The ability to use the TV monitors is a tremendous plus, and we now have coffee, and tremendous thanks to Betty W5UGR for the scrumptious treats!!

Thanks to everyone who attended!!  We had a record turnout for this year!  I sincerely hope the addition of the PA system helped everyone.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments or suggestions concerning this.

Robert WR9B presented an excellent program on TDOA or Time Difference of Arrival.  Thanks to Robert for a very informative and fascinating program!  Keep ’em coming!

Thanks to the Swapfest Committee, John K5IT, John K5BNU, Ken WB5QLI.  Looks like we are headed for a very successful event this year!!

Thanks to Raymond W5RAW for all the work he is doing to organize our Field Day in June.  Betty W5UGR will be heading up the meals for Field Day.  Many thanks to her.  I know she will have some excellent selections, and would welcome additional offerings from our members.  Many thanks as well to Gail Winter for all her hard work in this endeavor.  Hope she is doing well after her knee surgery.

Next meeting we should have our very own American Flag for the Pledge of Allegiance.  What a great way to begin the meeting!!

Thanks to Brad N5LUL for bringing the patches, and to Danelle KG5YYA for the suggestion of window decals.  John K5IT has volunteered to print the window decals and will begin research on having the patches made.  These items will be sold to members and at the Swapfest.  Decal price will probably be $1.00 each.  Patch prices will be determined based on their cost to the club.

Please be sure to call or visit Ben W2CYV.  We miss him and wish him the best!  Also, keep in your thoughts and prayers others of us struggling with health problems at this time including Ed K5KBV and his wife Marion and Charlie W5CEH and his wife LaDonna.

Happy Birthday to Dan WA8YYE and Gene WA5ETK!!  Picked up on these birthdays from Facebook.  I would like to compile a list of members birthdays (not years LOL) so that I can, hopefully, remember to recognize them at the meetings, on the nets, and in this blog.

Thanks again for all your support!  Please feel free to contact me with any comments or suggestions you might have.

73!  Kim  K5OPI



March meeting musings

Another month has come and gone.  Seems the changing of the guard at our meeting site is continuing to present surprises and requiring adaptation, but we shall “improvise, adapt, and overcome”.

Melinda has been working hard on the W5WX.net website and has added a new feature.  Be sure and check out the “Musings from Ft. Geezer” tab.  Jim K5BZH is providing a fascinating look at the history of Ham Radio which will be published on the website under this heading.  Also, be sure and take a look at the “Recent Club Programs” section.  Looking Good, Melinda!!

The Panhandle Amateur Radio Club Facebook Page has received a little attention as well.  There are several photos from the W5WX.net website posted along with a listing of the upcoming meetings and an invitation to join the PARC 2M Morning Net.

Robert WR9B will be working on scheduling one or more “Science Day” events which will follow our regular meeting and offer opportunities for “new” and “old” Hams to interact in a fun learning experience.

Another successful van repeater test was conducted Saturday after the meeting.  The repeater is working very well, even with the mast all the way down.  Hurray!!

Plans are proceeding for the May Swapfest.  Flyers are scheduled to be sent out by the first of April.  I understand that while he was in Elk City Jamie AB7II talked with some Hams from Childress who are planning to attend our Swapfest.  I applaud the work being done by John K5IT, John N5BNU, and Ken WB5QLI in preparing for a great Swapfest this year.

Code practice sessions are in the works as well.  At this time interested folks are discussing times and frequencies.  If you are interested watch the website for further information.

Thanks to everyone for the great turnout at the monthly meeting.  As usual it was an informative and spirited event.  Appreciate all the comments and participation; however, on a serious note, the acoustics in that room leave something to be desired, and there was a problem with everyone being able to hear.  I apologize to anyone who had difficulty hearing.  The club has a PA which will be used at future meetings which should help my voice carry; however, we are experiencing an excessive amount of QRM due to side conversations.  I would ask everyone to be courteous and mindful of others and defer side conversations until after the meeting.  I will be happy to recognize anyone who has a comment which they would like to share with the group.  Keep the enthusiasm coming!!  We would all like to share in it!!

Looking forward to more exciting things to come in the future of our Club.  Please do not hesitate to pass along any thoughts or suggestions you might have to make our Club even better.

73!!  Kim  K5OPI