Bring on the rain!!

Swapfest 2018 went off sunny and dry!!  Now let’s have the rain we all need so badly!!

Don’t know where to begin in thanking everyone involved in making Saturday’s event such a smashing success.  First on the list has to be Damen Ratliff.  Could not have even opened the gate without his generosity and cooperation!!

Hope everyone had a great time.  Please take the time to thank everyone who helped and everyone who attended.  I especially want to thank John K5IT and his cohorts John N5BNU and Ken WB5QLI.  Great job, committee.  Thanks to all who came out to help and a big apology to those who came Friday evening to find nobody there and nothing to do.  My bad!

The Saturday crew worked very hard to make this a memorable event.  Those included  John K5IT, Mark KG5NWE, Melinda KG5NWD, Dan WA8YYE, Jamie AB7II, Danelle KG5YYA, Arthur K5PM, Carl N5YXN, Ken WB5QLI, and many more too numerous to list.  A very special thanks to Dave WA5X for all his help and support prior to and during this event.

The presentations by Jim K5BZH and Dale W5WI with the ARRL were the icing on the cake.  Thanks to these folks for their contribution.

Many prizes given and the winners will be posted on this website.  Photos will also be posted including those taken by Gene WA5ETK, Melinda KG5NWD and Jeffery Powers (Michael KG5SNX’s 2 yr old kiddo 😄).  If anyone else has photos they would like posted just let us know.

Thanks everyone!!

Kim  K5OPI

Thanks again to all who came out to support PARC at our annual picnic and swapfest! I am pleased to announce that we sold 1,072 prize tickets and raised $400 in our silent auction of donated equipment. Final tallies for our 2018 swapfest will be complete and presented at the June PARC meeting.

Congratulations to our Grand Prize Winner, Bob K5ZKQ and all other prize winners and participants who supported PARC through our annual prize drawing. If your name is marked with an asterisk please contact John K5IT to arrange to pick up your prize.

We are pleased to announce the complete list of 2018 PARC Picnic/Swapfest Prize Winners Below:

FTM-100DR Dual Band Mobile Radio

Diamond X5M Dual Band Base Antenna

Baofeng Dual Band HT Winners:
K5OJP Jeff *
KG5YYA Danelle
KB5NO Wayne
KG5BQB David

Dual Band Magmount Antenna
K5UOT Smitty

Even More Wire Antenna Classics Vol 3
N5BNU John

Powerpole Winners
WA5X Dave
KA5TEY Murle *
N5ECQ Robert *
AB7II Jamie
K5IT John
KB0OQJ Kenneth
KG5VBT Dustin * (2 Sets!)

$50 Visa Giftcard (Preregistration Prize)
KC5SSU David *

SwapFest Album




~photos courtesy Michael KG5SNX and son Jeffrey~ Pretty good for a 2 yr old, right?




~photos courtesy Melinda KG5NWD~




~photos courtesy Gene WA5ETK~

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