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Thoughts from me to you following the April Meeting

Looks like the transition to the new building owners is going well.  The ability to use the TV monitors is a tremendous plus, and we now have coffee, and tremendous thanks to Betty W5UGR for the scrumptious treats!!

Thanks to everyone who attended!!  We had a record turnout for this year!  I sincerely hope the addition of the PA system helped everyone.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments or suggestions concerning this.

Robert WR9B presented an excellent program on TDOA or Time Difference of Arrival.  Thanks to Robert for a very informative and fascinating program!  Keep ’em coming!

Thanks to the Swapfest Committee, John K5IT, John K5BNU, Ken WB5QLI.  Looks like we are headed for a very successful event this year!!

Thanks to Raymond W5RAW for all the work he is doing to organize our Field Day in June.  Betty W5UGR will be heading up the meals for Field Day.  Many thanks to her.  I know she will have some excellent selections, and would welcome additional offerings from our members.  Many thanks as well to Gail Winter for all her hard work in this endeavor.  Hope she is doing well after her knee surgery.

Next meeting we should have our very own American Flag for the Pledge of Allegiance.  What a great way to begin the meeting!!

Thanks to Brad N5LUL for bringing the patches, and to Danelle KG5YYA for the suggestion of window decals.  John K5IT has volunteered to print the window decals and will begin research on having the patches made.  These items will be sold to members and at the Swapfest.  Decal price will probably be $1.00 each.  Patch prices will be determined based on their cost to the club.

Please be sure to call or visit Ben W2CYV.  We miss him and wish him the best!  Also, keep in your thoughts and prayers others of us struggling with health problems at this time including Ed K5KBV and his wife Marion and Charlie W5CEH and his wife LaDonna.

Happy Birthday to Dan WA8YYE and Gene WA5ETK!!  Picked up on these birthdays from Facebook.  I would like to compile a list of members birthdays (not years LOL) so that I can, hopefully, remember to recognize them at the meetings, on the nets, and in this blog.

Thanks again for all your support!  Please feel free to contact me with any comments or suggestions you might have.

73!  Kim  K5OPI



March meeting musings

Another month has come and gone.  Seems the changing of the guard at our meeting site is continuing to present surprises and requiring adaptation, but we shall “improvise, adapt, and overcome”.

Melinda has been working hard on the website and has added a new feature.  Be sure and check out the “Musings from Ft. Geezer” tab.  Jim K5BZH is providing a fascinating look at the history of Ham Radio which will be published on the website under this heading.  Also, be sure and take a look at the “Recent Club Programs” section.  Looking Good, Melinda!!

The Panhandle Amateur Radio Club Facebook Page has received a little attention as well.  There are several photos from the website posted along with a listing of the upcoming meetings and an invitation to join the PARC 2M Morning Net.

Robert WR9B will be working on scheduling one or more “Science Day” events which will follow our regular meeting and offer opportunities for “new” and “old” Hams to interact in a fun learning experience.

Another successful van repeater test was conducted Saturday after the meeting.  The repeater is working very well, even with the mast all the way down.  Hurray!!

Plans are proceeding for the May Swapfest.  Flyers are scheduled to be sent out by the first of April.  I understand that while he was in Elk City Jamie AB7II talked with some Hams from Childress who are planning to attend our Swapfest.  I applaud the work being done by John K5IT, John N5BNU, and Ken WB5QLI in preparing for a great Swapfest this year.

Code practice sessions are in the works as well.  At this time interested folks are discussing times and frequencies.  If you are interested watch the website for further information.

Thanks to everyone for the great turnout at the monthly meeting.  As usual it was an informative and spirited event.  Appreciate all the comments and participation; however, on a serious note, the acoustics in that room leave something to be desired, and there was a problem with everyone being able to hear.  I apologize to anyone who had difficulty hearing.  The club has a PA which will be used at future meetings which should help my voice carry; however, we are experiencing an excessive amount of QRM due to side conversations.  I would ask everyone to be courteous and mindful of others and defer side conversations until after the meeting.  I will be happy to recognize anyone who has a comment which they would like to share with the group.  Keep the enthusiasm coming!!  We would all like to share in it!!

Looking forward to more exciting things to come in the future of our Club.  Please do not hesitate to pass along any thoughts or suggestions you might have to make our Club even better.

73!!  Kim  K5OPI

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