President’s Page

Good Morning to all!!

Following a somewhat rocky beginning Saturday’s club meeting came together rather well.  Thanks to all who attended and participated!

January saw several noteworthy happenings:

  1. Randy Wing N0LD brought his mobile rig to Amarillo as part of the VHF/UHF Contest. Thanks to Brad N5LUL and Ben W2CYV for being our “Welcoming Committee”.  Excellent coverage on website.
  2. There was a very successful Balloon Launch from Brian KD5VIU’s QTH which was tracked by several area Hams and landed near Higgins, TX in the early afternoon. Again, excellent coverage on website.
  3. Club received official permission to use 1900 Line Avenue for our Swapfest on May 12th.
  4. Raymond Winter W5RAW has agreed to Chair Field Day this year. Thanks Raymond!

February has started strong with a fascinating program on “QSL Cards, Then and Now” presented by Jim K5BZH and Dan WA8YYE at our meeting.  I am looking forward to what other programs Robert WR9B has up his sleeve for the rest of the year!

Several folks have volunteered to participate in putting on a “Mini Science Fair” as proposed by Robert WR9B to engage and educate newly licensed Hams and possibly area students.  Volunteers include David WA5X, Brad N5LUL, Ed K5KBV, Robert WR9B, and Dan WA8YYE.

Our 2M Morning Net at 10 a.m. on the 146.94 repeater continues to be a lively and informative experience.  The Lunch/Bunch get-togethers are attracting a diverse and fun group.  All are welcome.  Check the website for locations and times.

Many thanks to those members who have been “Spotlighted” on the website.  These brave few, John K5FS, Betty W5UGR, Jim K5BZH, blazed a trail with their insight and stories.  The “Spotlight” will now run a month at a time rather than a week at a time as the “Spotlight” is about to go out due to lack of material.  Many pleas to other members to take the plunge and share their stories with all of us.

The van repeater test was a resounding success!!  Thanks to Mark KG5NWE and Melinda KG5NWD for setting up and running the test, with Dan WA8YYE assisting on site.  There were check-ins from several of our club members including Brad N5LUL from his QTH both with station and HT, Charlie W5CEH from Canyon, Dave WA5X and myself K5OPI mobile from several locations including our QTH and Trade Winds Airport, Jamie AB7II from Westcliff, Robert WR9B from his QTH.  Great test!!

I expect great things in the coming months.  Our club is very fortunate to have the many talented, engaged, and innovative members that we do.  It is very exciting to be involved with such a great group of folks.  Thanks everyone.  Please feel free to contact me with any thoughts or suggestions which you might have.


Kim  K5OPI

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