President’s Page

Well, my first meeting as President of your Panhandle Amateur Radio Club is in the record books.  Many thanks to Robert Bruse WR9B, Vice President, Melinda KG5NWD, Secretary, and John Laur K5IT, Treasurer.  They make me look good.

Enjoyed the spirited discussions, and appreciate the civility and cooperation shown by our great members.  Congratulations to those who were tested.  All passed!!!

Thanks to Robert WR9B for kicking off the year with an excellent program on Fast Transients, which Melinda has spotlighted on this website!!  Look forward to many more comparable programs that Robert will organize for us.

My thanks to the officers and members for all the great work and accomplishments in 2017, including our Van, 2m morning net, website, special events, etc.  Hope to continue building on these and reaching for new heights in our Club’s continued success!  Appears there will be new opportunities with the Panhandle Amateur Radio Club Emergency Services functions as outlined by Carl N5YXN at the meeting.  Hope many of us will attend his meeting on Tuesday, January 9th, as listed on this website, and become active participants.

I am very excited to see a “Member Spotlight” on John K5FS on the website!!  Thanks to John for being first in the “barrel”.  Look forward to getting to know many more of you.

My thanks to John Laur K5IT, John Kimber N5BNU, and Ken Hansen WB5QLI for taking on the organization and implementation of this year’s Swapfest.  I know it will be a great success.  My thanks to Ed K5KBV for agreeing to chair the Route 66 On the Air event again this year.  Ed has applied for our special call sign, and I know Ed could use a few more volunteers to help make this event as successful as it was last year.  Lastly, Field Day is in June and as of yet we do not have a chairman or committee in place.  If any of you would like to chair this committee or be a member, please contact me as soon as possible.  Would like to have committee in place by our March meeting.

In closing, I wish to thank all who attended.  As they say on the nets “thanks to all who checked in, without you we could not have an interesting net”, so my heartfelt thanks to each and everyone of you for making this a fantastic Panhandle Amateur Radio Club!!



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