Past Events

Post-Event Recap:  Route 66 On The Air


2017 W6I Participating Operators:


1,389 Total Contacts logged

456 portable (including 336 in Adrian, Tx)

933 in Amarillo

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June 24-25

Come One, Come All, to PARC’s annual Field Day!

Interested operators contact Raymond Winter at (806) 231-7182.

Support Team Members (food, snacks, beverages, etc.) highly appreciated!  Contact Gail Winter at (806) 231-7789.

PARC Mobile Operations Van available for Get On The Air contacts for anyone interested in amateur radio.

“Open House” for all interested in amateur radio, Saturday June 24,  from 12:00 noon until 5:00 p.m.

FieldDay2017 Field Day Locator

May 12 – Lamar Science Day

One of the van’s missions is to be available for educational events to promote Amateur Radio — and Lamar’s Annual Science Day was just perfect for our first outing of this type.

Our team set up three inside stations:  RF (demonstrated with SDR and FRS radios), Morse Code (complete with practice Altoid keyers built by Mark KG5NWE) and Energy Transfer (which included a hands-on demonstration built by Robert WR9B).  After the students finished the three inside activities, they headed outside to the van and, assisted by Ben W2CYV and Mark KG5NWE, made actual contacts via the north repeater with our remote crew (Brad N5LUL, James AB7II, and Ed K5KBV).

By the end of the day, we had demonstrated for 12 classes and a total of 197 students!


photos courtesy of Gene WA5ETK


April 8 – Skywarn Expo at the Civic Center


PARC and the *new* mobile operations van were there with promotional / educational materials, a practice keyer, “retro texting” code cards, and some fun folks.  The van attracted a lot of attention and Brad even made some contacts throughout the day.  Thanks to John K5FS, Mark KG5NWE, James AB7II, Brad N5LUL, Melinda KG5NWD and Jim NL7C for manning the info table and/or the van!